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Lawsuit to Ban Netflix in Kuwait

Kuwaiti lawyer Abdulaziz Saud Al-Subaie filed a lawsuit against the Ministries of Information and Communications, and the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, demanding the blocking of the “Netflix” platform in his country, against the background of its production of the Arabic movie “Friends and Dearest.”

The lawyer submitted his claim for “religious and moral” motives to the High Court, to block the platform that recently showed the film, which sparked widespread controversy, and its organizers were harshly criticized for its “bold” content. Source

From all the content on Netflix (and the Internet), the stupid movie Perfect Strangers was the one to trigger the lawsuit???

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Exactly my thoughts! 😅
But it reminded me of the Virgin Stores story when it was shut down because of one book they were selling.

If you don’t like the movie idk.. just don’t watch it?
What’s next? Blocking the entirety of Apple Music and Spotify because it contains explicit songs?
Also, Twitter has loads of pornographic content if you look for it, just saying..

Arabs went berserk, they went CRAZY over this movie because it’s Arabic, not because it’s sexual.

Some of the biggest Netflix shows and films in the Middle East are all very sexual like Love Island, 365 Days, Sex/Life. I saw them all in the top ten on Netflix for weeks…

Oh and one of the biggest Bollywood films in the region on Netflix in January was Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, which happens to be the first Bollywood rom-com with a transsexual lead character.

So yeah, it’s fine if everyone is doing it, but we don’t want to see ourselves doing it because Arabs don’t have sex. We just pray, eat hummus and sleep. Sometimes, we work in order to buy iPhones and hummus.

Screw it, I’m in the mood for hummus now.

I mean look at it this way, Netflix follows a specific political agenda that goes against the vast majority of Eastern cultures. I can understand why Kuwait wants to ban their woke agenda.

Conspiracy theories a bit much don’t you think James. I call humbug. There’s more credence to the Illuminati than Netflix trying to take down cultures with content.

And to second everyone’s point. Who’s hunting down girls on the gulf road, having sex parties and the tons of other ‘immoral’ things that ‘don’t’ happen here and in other Arab And Eastern cultures? Netflix must be telling them how to do it.

As soon as i saw this on my Netflix new additions i tagged as something i don’t want to see. If you have any common sense then you can avoid things that are not to your liking / or irksome. I would wager that they saw an opportunity since there was so much backlash on the subject to get his name known and get some notoriety. Can we instead ban things that really affect us negatively. These bad roads negatively affect me on a daily basis and are a direct result of my car being in the state that it is in. Why not raise a law suit there !!

Good news that they want to ban Netflix but then you’re ok with people downloading whatever they want for free? Are you against the fact that Netflix charges 3KD a month or you against the fact that they have content that you don’t like? I don’t get it.

You’re beginning to sound like a troll – advocating randomly for torrent piracy or maybe Disney+ and HBO which anyway have similar content. Nothing can come out of censorship.

This movie is a copy-paste of a french movie about the EXACT same thing around a table with the EXACT story line, but no one gave a S*** about it when it was french. Now all of a sudden it’s Arabic and we need to ban netflix…..

Someone should tell this guy about the Streisand effect.

I had no idea about this movie, wouldn’t have cared if it came across my feed but now i’m going to watch it just to see what the fuss is all about.

Best publicity the movie could’ve asked for.

I saw the movie to see what the hype was about.

It should be banned for bad acting and cringe not because of the content

It’s because it hits close to home, the movie represents real lives & a realistic view what happens behind closed doors. That’s always a non negotiable topic here. Still wondering how tiktock isnt banned

Netflix Kuwait is the worst streaming platform. So many shows are available on other regions but not in Kuwait. I was in India recently and I happen to notice Spiderman Far From Home available. but as soon as I landed in Kuwait it was gone. from Narcos to Dark many shows had controversial content but i guess this was in Arabic it triggered them.

That’s because different region have different contracts.

Marvel/Disney movies are exclusive for OSN in middle east (soon will move to Disney+).

It is the same situation. Something I don’t like, ban it. The rationale for both are similar. One thinks that Rogan is spreading misinformation and doesn’t want it to catch on, and the other thinks Netflix is spreading debauchery and doesn’t want it to catch on. Tomato tomAto.

The only bad thing about this movie is that it doesn’t have English subtitles, so I couldn’t watch it. Also, this controversy reminds me of how another Netflix movie, Cuties, got everyone riled up because it showcased children behaving extremely inappropriately and nobody sued Netflix, people just posted hashtags and “cancelled” their subscription.

so basically no magazines, no netflix, no… I think kuwait has realised that it’s so called conservative big brother is becoming more and more popular with tourists because, of course, it actually has something to offer, and also, hello?! it’s 2022! so there’s a gap in the market for the position of a new conservative Islamic state. I think Kuwait is going for it. Being the armpit of the middle east, I am in full support of such a move. it’s just in time for the opening of the new gigantic airport to nowhere town. all that newly laid square footage of marble where the human cattle herding police officers can flick their cigarettes. perfect!!!

first of all its not about canceling the movie. its about teaching netflix not to upload same content again. lawsuit to removing a movie is nothing to netflix and they with upload other movies after months or years. but hitting them hard and banning netflix from kuwait means they will lose alot of subscriptions and netflix shared are decreasing in these couple of months so it teaches them a lesson not to do it again.

secondly if you are too upset and crying about banning netflix and want it so badly. get yourself a vpn and watch netflix.

third yea we know no one is 100% or religious, but what they did in this movie is changing our culture. many people normally hate it when a movie is showing a different culture about you. for example since when a father is okay to have his daughter get fucked by her BF?
OFC there are small percentage that are okay. but i know 90% of fathers would be 1. upset 2. react 3. will head over fast.

im one of the people who cancelled my 2 subscriptions and wish he continue with the lawsuit and hit them hard.
they need to understand they cant change our culture.

but no one asked you to change your culture? you’re not forced to watch it or to be impacted by it. if you are, then that means your faith is weak. a movie a what it is, a movie, for entertainment purposes, and yes, it does shed a light to many issues within the ARAB culture (that even within it, we don’t all share the same things) so it doesn’t have it fit YOURS.

again it’s a movie, either watch it, or don’t and move on.

+1 , If a movie on netflix is capable of negatively impacting your culture, is it that fragile? If anything, everyone could just ignore it and sweep this under the rug. But thanks to the publicity of the ban, now 10x the people are aware of this and are more likely to watch it. As someone above pointed out, the Streisand effect..

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