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Press Freedom Index 2013

Kuwait is still leading in the Arab world when it comes to freedom of the press. In this years Press Freedom Inde, Kuwait moved up one point from #78 to 77 while Lebanon who was second last year at #93 dropped down to 101. Check out the full list and more information [Here]

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Someone should redefine freedom of press. I mean how come a state has a good rank in freedom press, when someone makes a comment online on a blog, twitter etc… or if the newspaper can’t mention certain events happening in the country without receiving a call from some officer blaming them or without succumbing to the legal system for defamation or whatsoever you may call it.

Plus it is not the ranking that is important but the evaluation score.

i agree the evaluation score is more important but atleast its movin up the ladder and not down where as one of the worlds biggest democracies have falle by 9 rankings

I don’t understand it. Almost the whole M-E is fighting for democracy, but in your opinion censorship doesn’t have to be something bad. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if this is what you mean, than it’s ofcourse BS. A democracy can never exist without an indipendent-, free press. Being a Dutch citizen I recognize the pressure even on our own media and it really worries me. A country without a free press can’t ever be a real democracy. Being exposed to other opinions, controle of the Constitution and critisism in general are necessary for the development of a society. That’s why we need a free press.

This is not a correct report – Kuwait is VERY censored, even newspapers that claim that they accept comments from it’s readers are not posting them – they are scared. Twitter comments are going to prison, so spare us the fa├žade whoever you are and rank Kuwait low for freedom of speech

This isn’t about freedom of speech, it’s about freedom of press. The comments here are always so negative, you people need to be positive for once.

If your attitude is “we will never have anything good” then guess what? You won’t ever have anything good.

Be optimistic, be positive, it will help in the future and you will be a happier person.

This isn’t targeted at you personally (moman) but its towards the people that are always negative about anything Kuwait does (or in this case Kuwait related).

For you information G, freedom of the press and freedom of speech go hand-in-hand and they are core fundamentals of a democracy. Without these two elements, a country can not function as a true democracy. In the ME, democracy will never work without sectariam law. You cannot integrate religion in legal systems, there must be separation of religion and state.

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