iHop opening this Saturday

Post by Mark

According to a source of mine, iHop will finally be opening to the public this coming Saturday (February 16th) at Avenues Phase III.

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  1. Hazmat says:

    I am curious… is the avenues finally complete ?

  2. nonchalant says:

    They’ve been open; or at least had a soft opening or something of the sort.

  3. Nathan says:


    Autocorrect being a jerk again Mark?

  4. NN says:

    It would be hilarious if people actually dressed well and stuff to go to iHOP not knowing that its a shitty restaurant for stoned college kids and drunks in the US.

    • LOL. My thoughts exactly.

      I remember I ate IHOP at a fuel station after a few hours in a road trip.

      The food tasted horrible and it was filled with hill-billies lol.

      • Boca Mocha says:

        That sounds like a Waffle House, haha.

        They have smaller IHOPs that you see actually attached to gas stations,they are real gems, haha.

        You haven’t lived until you go to a waffle house at around 1am or 2am, the characters you meet will change you forever.

        I was eating at a waffle house once and a group of carnies came in, they started bartering cigarettes and condoms for who would pay more on the bill, they then decided to randomly talk to me about any and everything, one of the most random nights of my life.

    • FAMAJAH says:

      I agree with the hilarity of dressing up to go to IHOP, but it is by no means a “shitty restaurant”. They have award-winning pancakes, and that’s reason enough to go. I haven’t had their eggs, but family members of mine constantly praise it.

      Give it another shot. Go and get the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes if calories aren’t an issue, or the simple & fit Blueberry Harvest Grain and Nut Combo, real eggs if you want something healthier. It’s really one-of-a-kind, and I can’t praise it enough.

      • Expat says:

        I was one of those Uni students & proud of it. Nothing sobers you up faster than their free refill coffee & fluffy pancakes. Oh how I miss the land of the hillbillies and stoners. *sigh*

        • FAMAJAH says:

          I was never one for to get hungover, but I do love the occasional Saturday morning pancakes. There’s something uniquely magical about their coffee, too. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I’d have 3, maybe 4 cups of their coffee with nothing but half a sugar packet. It really is a magical place, as corny and trite as that sounds.

        • moe80s says:

          Hey you think they’ll have free refill coffee here? lol

  5. NN says:

    don’t get me wrong, their food is awesome!

  6. Queer I for the Straight Guy says:

    Like a wise Kuwaiti gentleman once said it doesn’t take a lot to pique people’s interest and nine times out of ten you are going to find people here like to dress up when going out to their neighborhood Starbucks almost as if they are going to eat out at Nobu’s or Per Se.

  7. Of Creekside Prossies and Poolside Johns says:

    If dressing up and making up gives people joy and happiness, so be it – whatever it takes to rock their boat!
    Btw, is the upscale Veranda at HNK open yet??

  8. heheheh that was an awesome response NN! In California we had Denny’s, later on they brought IHOP. When I was staying in Florida I went with my grandma and her little old church lady friends to IHOP, I wasn’t impressed with their dinner menu. The pancakes are pretty good but I don’t how much pancakes they eat here.

  9. Ahmed says:

    I thought they were already open :/

  10. ali says:

    can we get something else instead of pancakes, burgers, sliders, and whatever form of fast food.

    • Randy says:

      What would you like? Sushi, cupcakes, cookies, molten Choc cakes, pizza, Lebanese, pasta, or overpriced seafood? Oh wait … We have all those

  11. cajie says:

    Tried it this morning. Food is similar to most of the other American joints seving breakfast. Nothing special.
    Pancakes are a little better than McDonald’s.

  12. Spoiled Q8 says:

    whopppeee another western junk food joint,

    Kuwait is the 53rd state

  13. Dougmacho says:

    Shit yo, IHOP is aight………it ain’t no brunch at the Four Seasons……but it ain’t breakfast at McDonalds either…….

  14. Alia says:

    Please GOD not another cheap, strip mall food chain restaurant from the US to try to make us think we are in the US……. Red Lobster was bad enough.

  15. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    If only we knew the faces of the people on here, it would be funny to see some of those people complaining only to see them standing in line at these places waiting for a table.
    You can’t blame the US for Alshya and Americana bringing all of these franchises here. They just know what will bring in money. We ate at the IHOP in Dubai over weekend while attending the Jazz Festival. These restaurants are not only for the actual locals and residence of cities but for “TOURISTS” as well. TOURISTS in Kuwait is a dream far far away! Franshises are kind of like comfort food. When someone is visiting, tourists or business men or women, they may not want to try local eateries. They might feel more comfortable with the food they are familiar with. If that is Kuwait’s goal by making tourists feel comfortable to come here and have food they know to eat, then maybe they need to “open” the country. Alcohol is running rampant on the black market here with illegal pork sales on the rise, so why not make it leagal..
    To get back on the real subject I agree with DOUGMACHO’s point of view about IHOP!

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