Drobo Update

Post by Mark

I got my Drobo tonight and just wanted to post an update on how much it ended up costing me including shipping.

Price of Drobo: KD100
Price of shipping to DHL mailbox: Free
US Tax: None since it shipped to my DHL mailbox
Shipping to Kuwait: KD31
Customs and handling fee: KD8

Total price of Drobo: KD139

It looks very cool and the size isn’t that big. My 1.5tb hard drives just arrived to Kuwait tonight so they should be ready to pick up tomorrow so I could install into my Drobo. You don’t need a voltage converter, the Drobo adapter is 100-240v.

Here is the link to the Drobo on Amazon [Link]

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  1. BoBader says:

    I suggest you use a surge protection or voltage regulator to protect it. I use UPS with surge protection for all my always connected computers or related devices.

  2. Khalid says:

    very good price i guess!

  3. qeight says:

    You spent 139 KD for 1.5 TB?

  4. Mark says:

    No, I spent KD139 for 0TB. There are no drives in the Drobo. I ordered 4 1.5tb drives separately at a cost of KD25 per drive.

  5. hamadoon says:

    to be honest paying a few KD more you can get it here in kuwait for the same price bedoon 3awar ras getting a surge protector and you get two years warranty or something like that.

  6. Mark says:

    Hamadoon it costs KD165 at the local dealer so its more than a few kd more. Also the hard drives in Kuwait are more expensive. 2TB is like KD70 in Kuwait but KD40 in the States. So combine that with the savings on the Drobo and you have yourself a good chunk of extra cash on the side.

    Also the surge protectors have nothing to do with electronics you buy from the States or from Kuwait. Surge protector is something that is recommended to use for ALL your electronics no matter where you purchase it from. Personally I have never used a surge protector in my life.

    Now of course there are people who wouldn’t mind paying more and just buying it locally. There are people in Kuwait buying the Canon G11 for KD235 while I ordered mine for just KD130. I like getting the best deal while other people don’t like ordering stuff online. To each his own.

  7. qeight says:

    Didn’t know Amazon shipped to electronic gadgets to Kuwait.hmmm…

  8. Mark says:

    you need a DHL EasyShop or Aramex Shop & Ship or a Skynet U Shop We Ship account to be able to do that.

    Google the names above for more details.

  9. Alblogy says:

    what you will do with this big storage?

    do you download movies from torrent?

    its ok if you don’t want to answer my question!

  10. Mark says:

    This will be where i store all my media. Currently they are spread over a few hard drives and they arent backed up, the drobo will consolidate all the drives into one and provide me with a backup feature in case one drive fails.

  11. Mohd says:

    I paid for mine $280.00 , got held in customs or a few days
    so I had to pay the about 21 for clearance .
    bought 4 1TB WD RE3 ( good luck finding them in softIsland or professional ) also from ebay they where system pulls
    not bad but I find USB 2.0 slow , and pcs don’t have firewire 800 .

  12. Mark says:

    how did you get yours for 280 and where from? USB2.0 is slow and i heard problematic. can’t you get a fw800 card for your pc?

  13. Mohd says:

    Mark ,
    I got the Drobo from Ebay . It was a sweet deal until Kuwait customs ruined it for me .
    I think I can get a FW800 card , but I don’t think I have a place to plug it
    need to recheck empty slots and see if I need PCIE or PCI .
    I’m not facing any problems , I have the latest firmware and Dashboard .

  14. Mark says:

    Ah cool. I had a 100$ gift voucher from amazon so mine ended costing less also. I was worried my seagate drives would come with a firmware that wasn’t compatible with the drobo but luckily they came with the new correct firmware so they’re working nicely so far.

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