Extreme Detailing My Datsun 240z

Post by Mark


I first heard of ProTech Monte-Carlo just over a year ago when they left a comment under one of my photos on instagram inviting me to pass by them. I checked out their instagram account and did a bit of research on them and they turned out to be a pretty legit car detailing setup with different branches around the world. I didn’t really have a reason to pass by at that time but months later when I wanted to detail my FJ I called them up for a quote and quickly realized their services were out of my FJ’s league.

Then last month I purchased my 1973 Datsun 240z. The car was over 40 years old, still in pretty much stock condition but had been parked outdoors for the past 11 years in Kuwait and probably even longer in the States where it was originally imported from. The paint had clearly lost its shine, it has lots of scratches, the plastics and rubbers around the car looked dry and the interior was also faded and looked old. I had already given the car a pretty good wash but it clearly wasn’t enough. Thats when I considered passing by ProTech and getting a quote from them. I was already aware that they had worked on a number of vintage cars before including ones that were worth a whole lot more than mine so I knew I could trust them detailing my Datsun properly. They gave me a quote which I honestly thought was too much since the car really isn’t worth a lot. But, I was still curious to see what they would be able to do to a car like mine, it seemed like the perfect project for them. So I got in touch with the owner and offered him a barter deal where I’d give him a banner on the blog for a couple of months in return they’d detail my car. Two days later not he got back to me, not only did he accept my deal but he also went out and purchased a 240z himself (same color as mine even, it’s pictured in the back of the photo above). I’m telling you guys the Z is such a ridiculously fun car to get.


I dropped off my car on a Monday, spent around two hours with the owner discussing and comparing our Z’s and then left and came back the following Sunday to pick up the car. Usually they take 3 to 4 days for their extreme detailing package but because of the age of my car and the work it needed they took a couple more days than usual. When I picked up the car again, fuck was I impressed. The pictures really don’t do the job any justice.

There are a number of stages to the whole detailing process. When you first drop the car they first give it a proper wash. Once they’re done washing the car they go over it inch by inch with a clay bar which would pick up any small speckle of dirt that was still left on the car Once they’re done with that they start the detailing process. Depending on which package you go for there are different things involved here but in my case we went all out. So first thing they do is polish the exterior of the car. Before they start they mark off 8 different spots on the car so they could test out how aggressive their polish will be. They want to be the least aggressive so they start off on the lowest setting and polish the first spot and see if they can still see scratches. If the scratches are still there they move over to the second spot they’ve marked off and increase the intensity. They keep doing this from spot to spot until they get to a level of intensity that clears out the scratches without damaging the paint.


Once the external polishing of the car is complete they then apply a special treatment to the rubbers and plastics that will moisturize them and bring them back to life. The best example of how successful this treatment was is with the front spoiler of my car which you can see the before and after shots above. Before the detailing I was contemplating getting the spoiler painted black but now it looks brand new.


After the exterior they move to the interior where they once again spend a lot of time cleaning and applying special treatment to the various materials inside the car. My dashboard had faded and dried because of it being parked outdoors but like with the external plastics, they managed to bring my dashboard back to life. Even all the interior black leather that covers my car now looks factory new. It’s just insane how new my really old car now looks. They didn’t only clean my carpets for example, but they removed my carpets, the insulation underneath it and then cleaned the whole tub of the car before putting everything back again.

Once they were done with the cleaning they moved to the final stage which is applying protection. It’s basically a protective clear coat that lasts anywhere between one to two years. This clear coat protects all the detailing work so that any minor scratches will be superficial and not affect the paint. After everything is done they give you a box (a KD45 value usually) containing a bunch of their cleaning products and various types of cloths and sponges so that you could take care of the car properly. If you have a driver that washes your car you could bring him in and they’ll teach him how to properly clean your car.


The cost of this full detailing job? A whopping KD425. Obviously when a car costs as little as mine this really isn’t very feasible of course which is why I did the barter deal with them. You also don’t have to take the full extreme detailing package which I did. Their prices actually start under KD100 but if you’ve paid I don’t know, KD85,000 for a Mercedes 4X4 Squared for example then you clearly want the best fucking shit for your car and this is it. Personally I can’t believe what a huge difference it made to my car. It’s brought the paint job back to life, it’s shinny, it’s vibrant and because of the protective layer it feels so smooth (like super smooth). And the interior? She doesn’t look 43 at all, she looks like she’s in her 20s.

Now just to be clear this is not an ad and this post wasn’t part of the deal. I wanted to write this post because (a) I always need content but (b) because they really did bring my car back to life. I really need to install AC in the car since there is no way I’m going to leave her parked all summer long. Anyway, check them out, here is their instagram page [Link]

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Where do you park? Indoor/basement? You can get cooked easily in a car like this in July :(

    Dude, why not mention how much you got the car for? I’m guessing about 4k?

  2. th says:

    How much does their basic detailing job cost?

  3. Umair Shaikh says:

    Woohooo…. She is HOT!!!

  4. Mohammad Al-Roumi says:

    I have used their serves in several occasions and they really provide fantastic results. Have used their special coating on my car for several years and it still looks fresh as the day it has left their facility.

  5. Ipsom says:

    Looks really good!

    I would really like to see a before/after pic that shows the whole car, and another that shows most of the interior.

  6. Hamzawy says:

    Actually the price is very decent, you would spend way more if you get your classic car detailed here in Dubai.

  7. Mohammed says:

    They must have done a great job on your car but when it comes to customer service I will rate them 0 out of 10.
    Basically after first reading your blog on you going to them for the make over, I researched about them on the internet and then followed your google map location for their outlet to meet them . I met the Filipino technician or salesman their and he explained to me the procedure to be done for my Humvee (H2). The day was Tuesday and He later said that they are too busy and would call be on saturday for me to drop the car well it works perfectly fine with me as it would be my weekend. Later he asked me to fill a form with my details and contact number and promised me to call the very same evening to confirm the appointment date. Well they are yet to call me and as of now your car is done and i am still waiting for their call.

    They also quoted me 425 KD for the Full package and if they did the same to you as mentioned in your post. Thats ridiculous coz my humvee will need atleast 5 times the work of your car for its size.

    On a Smaller note I am the same guy that Bumped into you at their outlet and informed you that i am here after reading your Blog and you introduced me to the Owner there.

    • ProTech says:

      Dear Mohammed,

      Dear Mohammed,

      We regret not calling you back, and we apologise for that!

      Kindly call us at 96912001 Abdulla, and I will personally make sure your car is serviced as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email us at Kuwait@protech.mc.



      • Mohammed says:

        Thank you for the call today Mr Abdullah, It makes a real difference and realisation on how serious you look into customer satisfaction. Thank you also for justifying the cost of 425 as mentioning that mine did not include the engine detailing. I will try to drop off the Car next week and show off on my insta and Fb account :)

  8. kandar965 says:

    She is a beauty, she is a FairLady. Congrats, it looks great….

    tip: jut take off the front chrome bumper, it will look much better without it.

    good luck,

  9. Abdallah says:

    Yo Mark,
    Where can i find a clean undrifted clean 240z like yours in kuwait? something to daily/weekend drive.

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