How many birthdays do you have?

Before my trip, I booked a car to pick up at the airport on my arrival to Amsterdam and due to Covid, my rental company had a new service where you could fast track the pickup using an app. I’d just have to upload all my info onto the app and once I get to the airport just head straight to the car and pick it up. Only every time I uploaded my information it kept getting rejected. So I finally got in touch with them by email and turns out the reason I kept getting rejected was my birthday on my driving license didn’t match my passport.

Technically according to Kuwait, I have three birthdays.

Passport: 22/08/1978
Civil ID: 22/09/1978
Residency: 01/01/1978

Last year I fixed my Civil ID birthday since it was also causing me issues but didn’t realize my driving license had a different birthday as well. I tried to explain Kuwait to my rental company but they wouldn’t understand so, in the end, I gave up trying to get fast track working and just picked up the car the old-fashioned way by waiting in line.

Now I need to figure out how to synchronize all my birthdays since everything seems to be moving to digital here as well.

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Explain Kuwait? come on man it wouldn’t hurt to be positive once in a while here.

For Driving license and Eqama (Residency) since it is issued by MOI once you edit it in their system it should connect. just you have to reprint your License and it is on you as a cost.

Then whenever you renew Eqama it’ll be the same automatically going forward.

Once you do that and matches it to your passport. take it to the PACI and have it edited.

All of that shouldn’t take you an hour each at any place.

Why is this even an issue in the first place? No one should have to waste an hour at any place to fix such an unnecessary issue.

yeah explain Kuwait as in how this information (Birthdays) isn’t so important here to get shit done. that’s not being negative about Kuwait nor do I like being accused of constantly being negative about Kuwait when I have 18,000 posts spanning nearly 20 years promoting Kuwait. go troll kuwaitup2date or something instead.

From a Kuwaiti .. explain Kuwait again .. he isn’t being negative .. he is being real !! I changed the spelling of my name once because it wasn’t matching in the Civil ID/Passport/License and it was HELL !! This shouldn’t happen to begin with anyways .. just lazy people that cant even copy paste a name/date etc.

The negativity towards Kuwait is getting out of hand. People on social media are so negative and critical of every single thing in this country it’s exhausting and draining.

But you are blowing his comment out of proportion. All he said is “explain kuwait”, so what? He didn’t say anything

Dear Mark,

You are not the only one suffering from this. I myself having 2 DOB’s from last year. I dont know how come my DOB has been suddenly changed. Renewed my Iqama this year and DOB is still same. I have been told by my Mandoob to go to PACI by yourself and change it from there.
The question is, why no one is taking any action against PACI of their mistake ?

We renewed my mom’s Civil ID online last year during the pandemic…and they still managed to change her birthday.
HOW ?!

My colleague went to PACI to apply for his kids first CIVIL ID card and asked for an envelope at the counter and that guy’s response was “Come after 3pm”. He just went around and asked another guy and he just handed him an envelope. Like what’s wrong with these ppl? Do they think that everyone’s jobless and have all the time in the world to run around for this?

Go to your residency department and fix your date of birth from there. You have to go to the photocopy people outside and tell them you want to fix your date of birth. They’ll print you a correction of details form with your correct information. You’ll also want to change your latin spelling of your name and passport number if they’re also incorrect. Then go inside as if you’re renewing your residency but tell them you just want to fix your details. Photocopies of civil id and passport.

Then just go to your traffic department and replace your license. The information is linked to your residency so you don’t have to correct anything from their side. Tell the photocopy people to print you a damaged license replacement form. (Thats the form they use to replace your license even if it isnt damaged). You’ll get the new smart card driving license too if you don’t have it already. It costs 5kd for a replacement license. Good luck!

Is this something new? Or its since long time!
Honestly if it was since long time and just now u want to change, then its on u.. its ur mistake… Y not done long time ago!

” I tried to explain Kuwait.. but they wouldn’t understand ”
I mean, big, big lol – but so sadly true :/

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