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Life at 50C: Surviving in Kuwait’s ‘unbearable’ heat

BBC published the video above a few hours ago on life in Kuwait during the summer. Not sure why the music had to be so dramatic, it made the whole video sound like we are suffering and dying because of the heat. One thing that caught my interest is the lady planting trees. I don’t know what her day job is but someone should put her in charge of saving Kuwait’s trees.

In case you can’t watch the video above, here is the Link

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That’s exactly since some time ago I noticed. Since Mid-October, they have removed all fence plants from around the Masjid Parking (Fahaheel). and now they are working on the road between Ahmadi & Fahaheel (212). Near Sabahiya, they have removed all fence plants & Trees.

Making roads & expanding them is fine, at least when you remove any plant, plant them somewhere else in habitat areas to compensate…

If every Kuwaiti person, takes action and donates a tree or a palm for public places, this little country can be green.

One tree or a palm is not expensive for the rich Kuwaitis.

It’s not enough just to keep your own fancy villas green. You need to spread love, take care of our Mother Earth.

Why is there no BBC report about life at 50C in Southern Iraq? After all they have the exact same temperature as Kuwait in the summer + similar culture and environment + their population is bigger than Kuwait

Also, they are planting many trees across Kuwait right now and the company Zain is coordinating with them

Of course anything related to Kuwait is always blown out of proportion for negative energy and hate

This was back in 2019 i think, I was working on a project in Bnaider (Chalet) near Mina Al Zour. I have small thermometer that i keep with me that showed 62C in the Sun. I regret not taking a pic of it but then again, i don’t want to get deported either so. . . this was around 1pm (ish).

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