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DesertCart Free Shipping Works

Last month I posted about DesertCart Plus, a service by the Amazon dropshipping website DesertCart where for 5KD a month you get unlimited free shipping. The only caveat was it only applied to items that weren’t oversized, and DesertCart refused to define what “oversized” was exactly. So you’d only know if your item was oversized or not after placing the order. I mentioned I was going to order a few things small things to try it out and I ended up doing just that.

I signed up to the DesertCart Plus free trial and ordered two items, both very small and cheap, cheap as in shipping would cost more than the item which would mean it usually wouldn’t be worth ordering. One item was an adapter for my tire inflator (KD 2.900) and the other a battery disconnect switch (KD 3.200).

Both items ended up shipping and being delivered to me for free, just as described. In hindsight, I should have tried ordering a larger item to see if I’d run into any issues, but since DesertCart doesn’t define what oversized is, I don’t think that would have been very helpful of a test anyway unless I ordered multiple items in different weights.

Would I sign up to DesertCart Plus? No, but only because the service isn’t useful to me. This service is for people who tend to order a lot of small, light and cheap things off Amazon on a monthly basis. If you fall under that category then the service works. They offer a free trial anyway so you can give it a go yourself without paying the KD 5 monthly fee. Link

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Desercart for one delivers on time without any delays. I had ordered twice with them and both times the ordered got delivered on the same day that was estimated.

What are the shipping times? I currently use Aramex when shopping with Amazon and it’s about 2-3 weeks to get purchases delivered to my door in Kuwait. What was Desertcart like?

yeah pretty much similar around 2 weeks since its the same process. they need to wait for item to arrive to their warehouse in the US, then ships to dubai then to Kuwait.

I recently came across and gave them a try. They ship all kinds of supplements at really low prices compared to Kuwait prices. Shipping is very decent (4-5 KD). Free shipping for orders over 40KD.

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