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I stepped on him!

While running with our dog Geo on the beach I accidentally stepped on him! I was wearing my heavy timberland boots and I accidentally stepped on his front right foot. Geo started screaming in pain and I just went down on my knees and started hugging him. Fadibou was there with his dog Miki and that helped Geo forget about the pain a bit. While there we called the International Veterinary Hospital because according to their brochure they are open 24 hours a day in case of emergency, well thats bullshit. They told me I couldn’t bring Geo in because they were closed and I would instead have to bring him in tomorrow morning. What the fuck is that load of crap. If I get into an accident I go to the hospital right away, I don’t wait till the next day. Why do dogs have to wait till the next day?? I need to find a new fucking vet, they really pissed me off. Geo is back home now I don’t think his foot is broken but he is threading on it very lightly and is very quiet and sad. I think he is in shock from the incident and is really exhausted. I also think he might have either fractured his foot or sprained it. If by tomorrow morning he is still not stepping on his foot I am going to take him to the vet. It really sucks and I am really fucking clumsy.

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hope ur bundle of joy is ok and inshallah nothing serious

and mark, calm down, pizza hut+vet, u need to vent ur anger elswhere, like the shooting range or something

poor geo what have you done to him!!!!

I think you should go out and buy him a huge steak and find him a girlie dog to cheer him up 😀

im sure he’ll be ok by 2morrow

i hope he is ok.. and turns out all jumpy and happy tommorow! ur gonna have to give him a treat all week long to make him happy!!!

hopefully u dont have to take him to the vet!!

Kuwaiti… Dogs have feelings too, Dogs are a lot better then some of the people i have come across in my life..

Yeah Mark don’t worry, happened to me once with my dog in Lebanon, he didn’t come near me for a day or two, but then suddenly out of the blue i woke up one day to find him trying to drag me out of bed from the tip of my PJs cos he wanted to play .. i guess he missed me…. I miss randy 🙁

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