My Datsun 240Z

Post by Mark


Over the past few months I’ve been on a rigorous search for the perfect classic Datsun Z. By perfect I mean one that fit into my budget, had an original and intact interior and one that required some work but not too much. Finding an original series Z was not an easy task since there were so few of them popping up for sale and those that did either had been modified heavily or were in terrible condition. Then last Monday while jumping from one instagram account to another, I found a small car collector who had a beautiful orange 240Z in his possession. I decided to leave him a comment randomly asking if it was for sale and to my surprise, the next morning I woke up to find a reply that if I was serious to give him a call. So I did and after I was done with work I headed over to his place to check the car out.


The car had one owner for the past 11 years, the exterior was in great shape and the interior was all there, even the original tape player. After taking the car for a small drive around the block I knew this was the one for me. The asking price wasn’t very far off from what I thought was reasonable for a 240Z in this condition and after negotiating with the owner for a little bit, he agreed to drop down the price and take my offer with the stipulation that if I was ever to sell the car to let him know in case he wanted to buy it back. And so just like that, next day we got the paperwork done and I was a proud owner of a 1973 Datsun 240Z.


The car is mostly stock except for the engine and gearbox which are from the newer 280z, a common modification since engine and gearbox parts for the 280z are more readily available. For such a physically small car, the interior is actually spacious. I’m 6’1 and don’t feel squeezed in the car at all, in fact its pretty comfortable. I’ve been driving the car non stop since Wednesday and it’s just a ton of fun on the road. As a pretty OCD this car should in fact be driving me insane since there are a ton of rattles and so many imperfections all ovre. It’s like utter chaos but I think thats why I’m loving the experience so much, it’s the opposite of what I usually am.


Right now I’m not planning any major work on the car, I’m just going to drive it the way it is until the weather gets too hot for it and then will start working on it. I don’t have any plans yet but I did get inspired a lot last night after watching the video above. Come summer I’ll probably do an engine rebuild, replace all the bushings, install an aftermarket AC system and also get a new suspension. I managed to make a deal with ProTech Monte-Carlo and I’ll be dropping the car off to them tomorrow for some extreme detailing. I’m really curious to see how the car comes out after that since it should look factory new especially the interior.


My dad used to have a similar 240Z back in 1973, it was the first car he purchased when he moved to Kuwait and I just recently heard the story on how he got it. My dad’s an interior designer and was working on the interior of one of the properties for Abdulaziz Al Babtain. Al Babtain were the dealers of Datsun and so most of his meetings would take place at the dealership. One day while walking into the dealership he saw them rolling in a 240Z onto the showroom floor. My dad asked Abdulaziz what that car was and he told him it was the new 240Z. He then asked my dad if he liked it and wanted the car. My dad told him it was beautiful but he had just moved to Kuwait and couldn’t afford to buy one right now. Abdulaziz then called the sales manager over and told him to take my dad’s ID and register the car in his name. He told my dad to pay for it whenever he could which my dad ended up doing over time with small installments. The picture above was taken back in 1973 on Plajat street in Salmiya and my dad wants me to reshoot him now in the same spot but with my car. That should be fun.

I hope the weather stays like this for just a little bit more so I can enjoy the car as much as I can. If you see an orange 240Z zooming down the Gulf Road, that is probably me.

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  1. q8expat says:

    Good going on finding the right car for you. Kudos on the seller for also letting you know he would be ready to buy back….down the line…when the time came.

    • Mark says:

      yeah seller has been great, even took me to shuwaikh yesterday to show me where i could get parts for the car from and which garages to go to as well. super nice guy.

  2. teenum says:

    the second picture is amazing! it should be titled dat sun on a datsun.

  3. Mohammed says:

    I am glad that after all the months of searching you found what you wanted and that too in such an amazing condition.
    Did you think of surprising and giving your dad a ride in that? I am sure he would have so many good memories with the car.

  4. Buzz says:

    Does the stereo work? It would be awesome to listen to cassettes.

    • Mark says:

      yeah it was, been listening to and searching for cassettes all weekend until the radio stopped working. Need to check and see what happened, it turns out just no sounds come out of the speakers.

      • Mohammad Al-Roumi says:

        If you want cassettes the best place to find them are in Mubarakiya Souq next to a place called dalaq sehail or in Al-Nazaer audio shop in the ground flour of Airport Arrivals.

  5. Kuwait says:

    Very happy for you, enjoy and keep us readers posted :)

    But dude, seriously – PLAJAT? Like What. The. Fish?

    It’s Belajat.

  6. MAK says:

    Mabrook Mark! Looks really good

  7. Rayboy says:

    what happened to your dad’s car?

    • Mark says:

      I think it ended up getting totaled cuz he was telling me about this big accident he got into on Bida’a street going 160km/h and how if it wasn’t for the seatbelt he would have been thrown outside the car. This was back in the 70s. He got a Camaro after that.

  8. Me like Salmiya says:

    Well I saw you yesterday sitting in the garage, the mechanic was checkin the 240Z, on the street after maroosh. Couldn’t talk to you as I was in a hurry …inshallah next time…

  9. Bassem says:

    Wizr :-)

  10. Ahmed says:

    I totally wanna see a pic of your dad with your car, it’ll be so cool!

  11. k says:

    actually, i was thinking YOU should get a picture posing exactly like your dad in the same place with your car. like father like soon kinda thing. that’d be so cool.

  12. Hahaha says:

    Yal 3gaydi

  13. Leslie says:

    Another clue for F to track you down and bumper friend you

  14. jean says:

    Mark. do the cops still permit such old cars?
    or is it the condition they are after?

    • aaa says:

      Condition as long as it passes the yearly inspection it’s fine

      • jean says:

        They catch cars on the road and impound them, so asked

        • Mark says:

          they don’t i’ve passed a number of cops and no one pulled me over or even blinked an eye

          • Nasser almomen says:

            Congratulations on the car. Most important thing is that it has Kuwait number plates because the z and the gt are not allowed to be imported anymore on the same quest and found mine last week. Be great if you could help me find parts etc. And I felt the same as you. I wanted the original engine and not some 2j or ls. Enjoy it. They are becoming few and far between.

  15. Jafar says:

    Mark, where did you shoot that second photo ? location please !

  16. sdk says:

    Great Shots Mark, the car reminds me of the small collector cars.

  17. Rayboy says:

    Mark i just saw this old blog post :-)

  18. Abdulmohsen says:

    Dear Mark,

    I would like to introduce my self, my name is Abdulmohsen Al-babtain and the Abdulaziz you mentioned in the article is my father. Thank you for sharing your father’s experience with him and I hope you enjoy your 240Z.

  19. John says:

    Have you given that bad boy a name yet? Devil Z would be badass!

  20. george says:

    Mabrook Mark…The photoshoot with your dad would definitely be a trip down memory lane for him. Looking forward to that and hope to see you zipping down Gulf Road.
    Drive safe.

  21. Ali says:

    Hello David great pictures, can I use your Dads picture in my Instagram account?
    Thanks in advance

  22. Ali says:

    Sorry for the typo
    i meant Mark

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