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Kobe Burger

I don’t eat at home since I don’t know how to cook nor do I want to learn how to cook. I know how to make the basics which are sandwiches, omelets, burgers and cookies and I don’t see a need to learn how to make other dishes.

Since its ramadan all restaurants are closed till like 5:30PM, this means when I am done with work at 3 I have over 2 hours before I eat. The thing is I can’t go out to eat at 5:30 because my riding lessons are from like 5 to 6:30. Thats why I have to eat at home.

Yesterday while shopping at Sultan Center in Salmiya I decided to pick up 2 packs of Kobe Burger, I have been wanting to try it for a long time now but since I don’t eat at home I found no need to get it. After picking up the burgers I picked up a packet of sliced American white cheese loaves, 1 white onion, a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and some burger buns. Nat didn’t want Kobe Burgers since she doesn’t like thick burgers so I picked up a packet of regular frozen burgers for her.

I have a Kenwood grill at home and I use it mainly to grill my burgers on and this is how I do it:

– I grill the burger for 5 minutes, flip it, let it grill for another 5 minutes, flip it, let it grill for another 5 minutes and finally I flip it one last time for a final 5 minutes.

– Once I am done I put a slice of cheese on the burger, leave it on the grill for another minute then I take the burger with cheese and place it on the bottom half of my bun.

– I then place it in the microwave for 10 seconds so the cheese can melt.

– I then put some ketchup on the burger and top it off with diced white onions

– I cover my burger with the top half of the bun and my burger is ready to eat.

Kobe on the grill

I am sure Gastronomica is better at making burgers then me since if you check out his website you will notice all his meals are very gourmet like. Hopefully he will be nice enough to share a tip or two in the comments below but until he does this is how I make my burgers.

How did the burgers come out? Fanfrigintastic! I like my burgers well done and I was expecting this burger to come out dry but it didn’t. It was soft, juicy and tasted like something you would find at a posh restaurant or hotel room service. It was surprisingly very good and it turned out to be the best burger I ever made.

Now the biggest problem with the Kobe Burger is the price. Each patty costs KD1.250 which isn’t cheap if you compare it to other frozen burgers. BUT without getting into the taste or quality of meat please look at the picture above of the burgers on the grill. Do you notice the 2 large patties on the left? Do you notice the tiny patty on the top right? Guess which patty is your average everyday frozen one? These kobe burgers are big and thick. Kobe beef also comes from Wagyu cattle which are “renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty well-marbled texture”. So yes KD1.250 is worth it specially if you have a passion for burgers.

From now on if I ever need to make burgers at home this is the only burger I will get. I can no longer have those crappy frozen burgers that come 8 in a pack. I have been spoilt. Final score is a 4.5 out of 5. I would have given it a 5 but they are a lot messier to cook then the regular burgers because these are bigger and juicier so they spray more grease. This means more cleaning for me which always sucks.

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  1. ananyah says:

    did u know kobe cow are fed beer thats why they are so tender :P

  2. TAT says:

    I rather have my cows fed with tequilla so the meat turns out wormy and slimey :P
    But thats just me!!!
    think Ima try it out on your recomendation looks good in the picture yummy (~.~)b

  3. TAT says:

    um just find out theres another TAT here in the forums thats not me or me him just a clarification :)

  4. D says:

    se7tain. last time i had AUSKOBE kobe burger, i couldnt eat anything else for next 2 days.

    .yalla waiting for equalizer comment

  5. TweeZ says:

    you could do two things:
    go to Fudruckers and order a raw patty to cook at home. 1 kd a patty

    OR, Sultan has incredible burgers which they make upon request. Check’em out.

    But personally, I’d rather go down to Shuwaikh and hit up the Pinar Slaughter house and get me some red chuck grounded beef for me to season and grill. I’m old school like that! ;)

  6. Marzouq says:

    It aint that good! I can make better burgers which are juicier using raw meat, it takes me an hour to make two or three dozen patties… but its better then anything you can eat outside!

    And companies and throwing around the word Kobe like its a damn brand! There are different grades of Kobe and we dont even come close to the high level that some places in the states get!

  7. Equalizer says:

    Mark, TG I am full now! Well you asked for a few tips. I have noticed that you have done a big mistake! Microwave! but I guess you know you are not supposed to do that. So here it goes.

    To get the juiciest taste possible from these patties:

    1- Thaw them
    2- Sear 1 minute on side then grill continuos on the other side and the remaining minutes on the seared side. This basically seals all the juices in.
    3- Melt cheese in the last minute of grilling. no microwave. While grilling the cheese prevents moisture from escaping the patty.
    4- for extra juiciness, reshape patty by fluffing patty with fork and then gently pressing it with hands. The key here is to be gentle. What happens is you create little pockets of air which gets filled up with juices once the patty is grilled. The result is tender and juicy.The more you press and work the meat, the tougher burger you get, which is something you dont want.

    As for toppings, well the sky is the limit, its a personal choice! I love simple BBQ burgers with a basting of KC BBQ sauce and melted colby jack cheese.

  8. Equalizer says:

    BTW this is Australian Wagyu not Kobe which is ridiculously expensive and comes from Kobe, Japan. Wagyu is a breed brought from Japan and raised elsewhere mainly Australia, but unless you restrain the cow, feed it beer, and give it daily massages which marblizes the fat its not gonna be as close as Kobe. The best meat however is aged grass fed like Niman Ranch or Snakefarms. The aging process produces an enzyme that breaks down the muscle tissue giving it extra tenderness. Whereby the natural grazing of grass gives the meat a deeper flavor. Thats why Arabic lamb is more expensive then Australian and New Zealand, due to the feed quality.

  9. moocherx says:

    thank you for my morning laugh, reading in precise detail how you make your burgers!

    However, I’m now hungry, I’ve taken the day off anyway, so “i’m not going to sultan centre at lunchtime time, buying some burgers, taking them home and cooking them, because of course it’s ramadan”

  10. fractal00 says:

    :S .. Am hungry .. the Burger looks sooooooooo Appealing : / I wanna eat.

  11. Fonzy says:

    i’ve tried those, they are incredible. but one is enough for me, and from what i see, u had two! Sahtein man!

  12. Yazeed says:

    i was a the a local supermarket yesterday and when i got to the burger section, i usually get the BUBBA sweet onion burger or angus burgers, and i saw an 8 of kobe burgers, they cost $50!
    maybe another day,
    nothing beats fresh patties btw

  13. Ele says:

    these Kobe burgers are amazin….a lil pricey but nuthin to beat it…it takes longer to cook though coz i like ’em well done too..n messy to clean up after…but GOOD!!hmmm…

  14. Wait.
    You GRILLED yours?!
    I fry mine.
    Oh wait, your grill isn’t ‘fire’-based, so i suppose it’s all the same.
    I miss my George Foreman Grill :(

    And yes, amazing beyond belief.
    ps: the Wagyu steak costs 8KD-something at Sultan Center.

  15. Pink Panther says:

    speaking of food, is there any restaurant in q8 that open before 5 during ramadan?

  16. bo9agr says:

    i think fast food restaurants deliver before 5, i’m not sure.

  17. Pink Panther says:

    hotels dont have restaurants that are open?

  18. Geeky says:

    Mark try this
    grounded beef + some Worcestershire sauce + some grated onion + salt and pepper + maybe a dry bread crumbs ( all available @ TSC) mix and grill ….and please don’t melt in the Microwave as Equalizer said

  19. Mark says:

    hmmm hungry again, all these yummy tips. i guess its burgers for lunch again today.

  20. B says:

    Funny, kobe beef is from Kobe, Japan. It’s sort of like Champagne, which can only really be called champagne if it comes from Champagne, France. ‘Auskobe” is german for “from Kobe” and the label there clearsays “100% australian wagyu beef”, which is totallt wtf. And you are eating this in the M.E.? Seriously, go to a buthcer… you’re eating something that went through a machine and was frozen and shipped to you in a container.

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