Simple Lies

Post by Mark

I watched a movie yesterday called Simple Lies. From the minute it started I hated the movie. The first scene involved 2 guys and a girl near a cliff during sunset dancing as if they were listening to rave. For me thats trying too hard to be cool. The whole movie was like that, trying too hard to be cool or trying too hard to be weird or even trying too hard to be cult. The acting was bad, the lines were terrible, the story uninteresting and the ending was stupid. I do not recommend this movie. Simple Lies is Simply Crap.

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  1. jeremy says:

    I thought the movie was very very good. the movie is about two best friends and one’s grilfriend who decide to go to mexico and go to a big event down there in the desert. on the way they stop buy a large amount of some kind of opiate drug to cross the border with, but that would require swallowing them. the trip does not go as planned and the three run into problems that they had never experienced before. It is a sad movie, but i liked it.

  2. jeremy says:

    “rave” is not about trying hard to be cool, thats kind of an ignorant thing to say. its about music and love for the music and thats about it. just like going to a rock concert but the music is better.

  3. coralie says:

    I like this movie , its really sad at the end but the actors play really well.

  4. tiff says:

    whats the quote he talks about sinking or swimming, at the beginning

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