The Camaro ZL1

Post by Mark

I was contacted by Alghanim Automotive asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing the new Camaro ZL1. I’m honestly not a big fan of American cars and if they were asking me to review the regular Camaro I would have most likely said no, but… the ZL1 is a different kind of Camaro, it’s a Camaro with a V8 6.2L 580-freakin-HP monster engine. So I said yes.

There’s a popular saying that people don’t change, well that’s not true. I’m usually a law abiding, non-agressive and courteous driver, but once I started driving the ZL1 I changed. In my neighborhood I became the asshole down the street with the loud car who tries to run down all the cats. On the highway I became the jerk that cuts everyone off, at u-turns I became the douche that slides his car at full thrust and at red traffic lights I was the dipstick who kept revving his engine loudly. This car is dark and evil. It changes people. All I wanted to do is drive around with my middle finger sticking out the window while doing donuts in the middle of every intersection on the Gulf Road. Oh and a large FUCK YOU sticker on the rear window would have been nice as well. I really loved this car.

The ZL1 I picked up was pretty aggressive looking. The color was a very dark gray (jet black), the 20inch wheels were black and the interior was also black. If I was to choose a color combination for my car this would have been exactly it. I am really thankful to Alghanim for not providing me with a bright yellow Camaro with black stripes running down the middle since I would have most likely puked all over it. The interior as I mentioned was also black but they also used Alcantara (suede like material) for the steering wheel, gear stick and dash which made the interior very sporty looking. I had a choice between an auto and manual but since my stick shift skills are as good as Kim Kardashians acting skills, I chose the auto to the dismay of all my friends. I don’t regret I did. Although the automatic gearbox has a lot to be desired in term of responsiveness and speed, it didn’t really matter to me since I wasn’t on the track and I was just having too much fun with the car to notice. The car really is a lot of fun to drive. The first two days when I picked up the car it was raining so obviously the roads were wet and a 580HP rear wheel drive car on a wet surface is asking for trouble (the good kind). You really do need to respect the power which I wasn’t really doing hence why I got the scare of my life when I was driving at around 110KM/H and gave the car a kick down which to my surprise slid the ass sideways so much I nearly hit the car on my right. This car is a beast. It’s loud, it’s angry and it wants to kill you. I have no idea how I didn’t get stopped by the cops and deported in the five days I had the car. It was crazy good times.

I do have a bunch of negatives about the car though. For one thing the seats aren’t sporty enough. I would have wanted them to be deeper bucket seats and tighter since I was sliding left and right on my seat without much side support. The stereo was also a disappointment even though it was a 250w Boston Acoustics sound system, it just didn’t have the oomph. Externally, the front and sides of the car look pretty aggressive but the rear not so much. If I bought this car the first thing I’d do is replace the rear wing with a carbon version to match the carbon on the front hood, I’d also black out the chrome around the rear lights and more importantly replace the rear bumper with one more aggressive looking and possibly one with a rear carbon skirt. Finally gas consumption. If you drive the car like an old women the gas consumption is actually not that bad. On the other hand if you drive the car like it’s meant to be driven then you’re going to consume a lot of gas, and I mean A LOT of gas. There was one day where I filled the gas tank full three freakin times! I’ve never done that with ANY car before not even on long road trips.

The price of the auto ZL1 in Kuwait is KD19,695. The manual version is for slightly less at KD19,195. If you’re looking for a very fun monster but one that’s still comfortable as an everyday car then I can’t think of anything better than this. I want this car.

Note: No cats were harmed during the making of this review

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  1. id says:

    We should have taken a picture of a burnout :P

  2. buy3gub says:

    i cant wait until you review the 2013 mustang shelby haha

  3. Lynn Rozario says:

    Mark, full marks on that report, you had me laughing at my office desk and I must say you put the oomph into whatever was missing. I am not the speedy driver, but I am sure many will go for this car after your report. Well done!!!

  4. cajie says:

    Kim K is a mis-understood soul. She has great acting skills.

  5. PFunk says:

    The only new Camaro worth buying, and the best overall muscle car our now. How was the magnetic ride control? It laps the Nurburg pretty quickly, faster than any muscle car and a lot of sporty light cars, including the ridiculous shelby 2013 GT500 which handles worse (live rear axle still? wtf) and with crappier brakes.

    • Mathai says:

      @PFunk. Whats wrong with a live rear axle? My grandfather’s ox-cart had one.
      Besides, American muscles cars aren’t meant for U-turns. If you want to change direction just step on the gas and do a couple of donuts till you find the direction you want to go in next. :D

      • The Real Burhan says:

        +1 for the proper technique to do a U-turn in an American muscle car.

      • PFunk says:

        LOL @ mathai but yeah the ZL1 Has Ferrari suspension (MRC is made by GM and licensed to Ferrari) so it can actually handle better than most cars on the road. It really is mechanically the ultimate muscle car. Too bad it still kinda looks like a fugly free transformers toy from burger king.

  6. Lucky_Boy says:

    ZL1 is a good car, unlike the SS (which is slow as hell for a 400hp car) in terms of street racing. But for the same price I’d rather get the 2013 Shelby GT500 with its insane 665HP engine, that crushes the ZL1 in any street race, although I admit it has worse handling.

    • Saudi Mike says:

      The Rustang doesn’t crush the ZL1 -it barely beats it in a straight line whereas the superior car crushes it in a real race around a circuit.
      I’ve also yet to see a modded Rustang beat a Hennessey Camaro in a straight line!

  7. Ammar says:

    I still prefer the CTS-V !!!

  8. We’re glad to hear you’re still in one piece! :)

  9. TweeZ says:

    LOL! Go Lolita!

  10. Mishoo says:

    Man this car is awesome ! LOL the philpino giving you a middle finger xD why is that :P but for real man this car is a beast it consumes gas because it was made to burn :P 580HP needs food :P

  11. m7mad says:

    nice review

  12. Mathai says:

    Mark, this was one of the most entertaining reviews I’ve read on this site for quite some time. I hope you get more insane cars to test soon.

  13. Kuwait says:

    Now for the typically Apple-inclined Nokia Lumia 920 review…

  14. Omar says:

    I see you followed Jeremy Clarkson’s review style. Good Call.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for noticing :) it’s not inspired by his style it’s just how I write but I know this is how he writes as well and I love reading his reviews because of it.

  15. Faisal says:

    finally someone understands why i drive this way! i swear i dont want to. but the car makes you drive this way. my car seduces me.

  16. pickles says:

    the old Asian lady flipping the bird is the best picture ever.

  17. The Real Burhan says:

    Nice treat on a Thursday.

    Two things:

    1. This would have been the best car to practice your stick shift skills. Okay, I lied, but, it would have made for an even more entertaining/life changing/wet your pants/pucker up your butt experience.

    2. “If you drive the car like an old women the gas consumption is actually not that bad.” women = woman

  18. You definitely should have picked the stick instead. this is after all the fastest Camaro ever.

    The carbon fiber hood vent is sick :)

  19. The Real Burhan says:

    Mark – any comments on the ICE? Does it have navigation, handsfree, climate control, etc.

  20. Fractal00 says:

    No one noticed the maid giving you the finger in the second photo?

  21. Fanatic says:

    Well, look at the bright side
    CamaRo zl1 , 580bhp , 19.7k
    Shelby gt500 , 665bhp, 26k
    Corvette Stingray no announcement yet, I’m guessing 20k
    Cts-v , 26k

    Zl1 is sorta a good deal

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