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Gulf Run Pictures

gulf run pictures

I have thirty Gulf Run images online now, you can view them [Here]

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Nice try, but, you need a telephoto/zoom lens in the order of 200mm for such events since you can’t get close to a speeding car for obvious reasons. Nikon has some selling for less than $200 @ Amazon.

Good luck

cajie if you check the pictures you would see there wasn’t a need. the photography locations around the track are very close to the cars. there was never a point where i wished i had better zoom. i did wish i had the 80mm 1.8 prime lens though 🙂

ps: we were always on ground level not the stands thats why we were close to the cars. and around the tracks there are locations meant for photographers to stand and film crews and these locations are like also stuck to the tarmac.

Nat is right. The photos are super crisp. Hey Nat, you don’t mind if me and my friends use them as wallpapers, do you?

Sorry, mixed up Mark with Nat. Nat is an alien name for me so it doesn’t ring in my head as a feminine name resulting in mix ups even when I am discussing your blog with some one. So Mark, how about those wallpapers now?

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