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Old Kuwait Postcards – Part 2


A few months back I posted a collection of old Kuwaiti postcards which I had found by mistake on eBay while searching for something else. This time around I found a larger collection of old Kuwaiti postcards but I was deliberately looking for them.


What I find fascinating about these old postcards is the fact they highlight important locations and buildings of that era, ones that are forgotten about or don’t even exist today. That’s why for this post I’ve highlighted these two specific postcards, one of the Carlton Hotel and the other of the Phoenicia Hotel. According to this old scan from a 1966 magazine, Phoenicia was the a beautiful place where you could experience the most beautiful days of your life. Good times, check out all the postcards below.

To purchase any of these postcards visit this [Link]

17 replies on “Old Kuwait Postcards – Part 2”

Painful to see how progressive we were back in the day – and are now going backwards to nowhere.

Kuwait should have been Dubai.

Really Kuwait was beautiful then. The streets and buildings were upto the mark keeping in mind the year it was. Now its heading for the worst!! No proper maintenance of roads, streets, landscapes…

If kuwait kept up with the standards of then , they would have been a major hub in middle east. Really pity..

Mark I have attempted to use your contact link to send the message below I keep getting a notice of non-deliver-ability, so please see my message below.

Mark if you would be so kind to post my inquiry. I have often wonder what happens to people who drive non Kuwait registered cars I.E. KSA, UAE when they are captured on camera speeding or running red lights is there any recourse. If not how can I join this club?

That’s my grandfather Razik on the drums!! And the famous Elham al Madfai in red! There band was called the twisters. I have a lot of their pics from the 50s and early 60s. They played everywhere in Kuwait

Hey Mark, my grandfather is in the postcard with the band in it (he’s the drummer). I was wondering if there is an extra copy of that postcard that I can somehow get my hands on? He would absolutely love it.

I have several pi tures of the band, my name is John Minasian, im the base player in the band. I would like to see Razik and Charlot again. It has been 58 years since i left Kuwait and the Twisters.

My father arrived in Kuwait after the 2nd world war, he arrived by flying boat, and spent his early days in a tent, we (family) arrived a short time after, tents were used for airport buildings, weclived in an ‘alumiuium’ house, my mother made a garden , with white picket fence, grass and flowers, we (my sister & l ) went to school & were flown to the Trodos Mountains, Cyprus for summer schooling, from May onwards, with mothers coming out to be ‘ house mothers’ in turns.The Hubara Club was great for swimming, bingo, dinner dances, fashion shows and canasta plus much more.We children became very good at catching the loose donkeys, while my mother played a very good game of young sister was born in Kuwait in 1953 – how nice to relive some super times, l could keep going, hosting Royal Navy sailors, going on leave on tankers & RN frigates the queens coronation celebrations, and we have just got rid of the last KUOCO cutlery

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