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Phone box on the side of a dirt road

I’m in love with this photo taken by Ian Caldwell of a random phone box on the side of a dirt road somewhere in the north of Kuwait. He took this photo sometime in the last 60s early 70s and if you look carefully you can see a couple of bedouin tents in the background.

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No but we do remember the (rodent) exterminators in their orange overalls and the orange Crush cola trucks on their beat for home delivery.
This btw, is a million dinars click ๐Ÿ‘Œ

This is an epic picture. Ages go the NatGeo included a similar kind of picture of a phone box in the middle of the desert when they ran a feature on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Does the desert sand change its colour as you head from Kuwait into Iraq or Saudi ? Sorry I was too busy to notice as we fled Kuwait for Iraq during the invasion.

I do hope they do not knock off these phone boxes wherever they still might exist for old times sake. Sometimes you have no network on the cellular or worse still, itโ€™s low on juice and you are without a power bank and then the good ol phone booth becomes your saviour and a godsend

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