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Photo of the Kuwait Shoreline Taken in 1903

I don’t recall coming across a photo of Kuwait’s shoreline that was older than this. I was doing some research for an upcoming post when I went down a rabbit hole and ended up coming across a report from 1903 that contained photos, maps and some interesting information on Kuwait. One of the photos was the image above of Kuwait’s shore which I hadn’t seen before, but there were also some other ones inside I also hadn’t seen which I’ve shared below.

The report is made up of 2 volumes and the original copy is part of the British Library: India Office Records and Private Papers . The report was compiled by Captain H. H. Dowding after his visit to Kuwait during the winter of 1901-02 while the photographs were supplied by Baron Curzon of Kedleston.

You can actually download the whole report as a PDF from the Qatar Digital Library. If you want to check it out, click here.

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you bring up some hidden treasure mark, good work.

good to see the threads linking back to India via “survey of India offices” and showing the relations this 2 countries had in past.

It was a simple life full of hardships but I am prepared to wager many at the time were happy with their lot, and lived a more fully self realised life than what many are doing at present.

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