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Assaha isn’t a new place, they’ve actually been open for around three years now but I only discovered it a few months back when I had a business lunch there. It’s now become one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants which I frequent often alongside Leila.


Assaha is a Lebanese chain with locations around the world including Lebanon, London, Qatar, Sudan and Iraq. The building on the outside looks like an old Lebanese house and once you’re inside that look continues. There are a lot and I do mean a lot of seating space all around the inside of the building, but my favorite is the courtyard space in the back which also happens to be the no smoking area (pictured above). Once you’re in the courtyard you no longer feel like you’re in Kuwait anymore.

The food is obviously good or else I wouldn’t be recommending the place and the service is even better. They also have raw meats for those of you that are wondering. If you’re interested, Assaha is easy to find since they’re located on the Gulf Road, right next to Steak and Shake. Here is their location on [Google Maps]

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  1. mo says:

    very nice restaurant a little bit stingy with their food

  2. Visited place when I was in Lebanon a month ago, and I have to say it’s a nice place to eat it but I think the one in Lebanon is better than Kuwait in terms of food Quality and building and security.

  3. bonanza says:

    Rumor has it that some of their revenue or profit goes to a certain political party in Lebanon (the one that has all the weapons)

    • Simon says:

      Also rumors says that Starbucks revenue or profit goes to a certain entity in the ME (the one that does killings to certain Arab people/countries)

      • That’s terribly unfounded. The Assaha rumors are not though, look they even got an adorable Hezbollah gift shop.

      • Bonanza says:

        by me highlighting that a restaurants supports a militant group (regardless of what you think of them or whether you support them or not) doesn’t mean that i also support what you said, that is if its true. to me both Hezbolla and Israel are both carrying out the execution of innocent people and both are intruders to our way of life. however and i want to highlight this point, atleast one one these groups clearly states that it is our enemy and wants to destroy us, while the other one hides behind a mask and pretendds it wants whats good for the people of lebanon, all under the facad of resistance and freeing of palestine. All this is bullshit, never not one bullet has been shot in that cause. i respect your opion , but i dont agree with it

        • Simon says:


          I will not argue with you as its obvious that you don’t know shit about history or politics, and also 248am is not the place for politics.
          But can i know where are you from?

          • bonanza says:

            Knowing shit about history or politics is clearly not your call, and it never will be. All you are entitled to is an opinion, which I’m happy to say you can keep to your self – just like everyone else does.
            I must agree with you tho, 248am is not the place to discuss this type of things. Let’s leave it at that.
            to answer your question I’m lebanese!

  4. yousefq8 says:

    I’ve eaten at Assaha twice and the food is good. This is my father’s favorite Lebanese restaurant and I think it has to mostly do with the atmosphere.

  5. meh says:

    It’s a nice place to eat at, but their food is not of high quality. As far as I heard (some?) of their profits go to charity organizations, which in turn could go to charities related to ‘other parties’.

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