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You’ve probably seen the ads on the roads for Drops, they’re a grocery store app where you order your items from and they’d deliver them to you. There are a bunch of other grocery store delivery apps but I was attracted to Drops for the simplicity which is why I’ve been using them.

I generally used to love grocery shopping in person but that was mostly when Sultan Center Shaab was open. The place was never too busy and it was always a good calming experience shopping there. Once that location shut down I never really got used to shopping at another supermarket and covid after that just made things worse. I live next to Lulu in Salmiya but that place is so overcrowded and tight, it’s never a chill experience shopping there. The old Sultan Center in Salmiya on the other hand looks great with their new redesigned interior but somehow managed to make the checkout process an even worse experience than before. I’ve stopped shopping there completely because of the checkout layout which is chaotic, squeezed and so old-fashioned. They really should have installed some self-checkout counters at least, it’s 2021! Or at least, at the very least set up a single queue multiple counters layout.

When vacationing in Europe a couple of weeks back I barely dealt with any cashiers, most places I shopped in were self-checkout and a lot of places now had RFID baskets where you just place your items next to the checkout screen and the machine prices everything in it. Super convenient.

Anyway back to Drops. I’ve used them a few times and I like them. Unlike some other apps, with Drops you don’t pick a supermarket and then shop for items. Instead, you treat Drops as a large supermarket and not just a delivery platform. You can shop either by category, brand, or just search for the specific items directly and add it to your cart. You can also create various “wishlists” of items you usually order to make it easier to add the next time. I’ve used them a bunch of times and the items generally arrive within 2 hours. The first time it took longer than 2 hours and they credited my account back with the delivery charge. All the items arrive in Drops branded boxes or bags and the delivery guy has a small trolly so you can order boxes of water for example and not feel guilty about the delivery guy having to carry them.

The worst thing about Drops though is their tracking system is shit. All my orders that were already delivered still showing as “Being Prepared”. When the item goes out for delivery you can’t tell nor can you track the driver even though these features are built into the app, they just never progress past the “Being Prepared” stage.

The prices of the items on Drops are similar to what I pay when I go to the supermarket myself. The only difference is I now pay 1KD to have them deliver the items which really isn’t that bad considering how much time they save me as well as having them deliver the heavy boxes of water instead of me having to carry them up from my car in multiple trips.

If you want to try them out they’re on instagram @dropskuwait and you can download the app from the Apple and Android app stores.

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It baffles me how bottled water for household consumption is so prevalent here. Even a simple Britta filter works

Been here since 2002. Never buy bottles water for home. We have a basic filter on a apigot near the sink, and just fill reusable bottles and jugs from that. I admit we do buy disposables when out if we forget our refillables though.

I will check out Drops. However, I recently tried and they too deliver their grocery in neat custom made boxes. I was impressed with their customer service as well.

I like
Sultan center has also upped their game in terms of the shopping experience and delivery process. I choose ‘pay later’ so they can handle any product replacement. Once the order is finalized they send an online payment link and the order is delivered within the promised 2-hour window.

I tried the Sultan Center app yesterday; they give you a 2-hour timeframe for the products to arrive. Heck, they arrived 6.5 hours late, and that was only after me calling and chasing endlessly. They didn’t even have the courtesy to call and apologize or tell me why they’ve been so late or even return my delivery charges, ask if I wanted to cancel my order and refund my money, or any of that.

The delivery guy arrived with missing a product and obviously a receipt lower than what I had paid for. I had to call them myself again and complain about the amount difference. No one called/ emailed/ messaged or anything to inform me about the missing items that I had already paid for, or even refund my money!

Customer service were like, “Ok we’ll put the cash difference in your wallet and ask the store to call you,” but I refused because first of all they said they would ask them to call me earlier and they didn’t (since customer service doesn’t have their own drivers’ phone numbers to track them), and secondly because I am not going to use this shitty service ever again. They were like, “Ok the bank transaction will take 3-5 days”.

Long story short: don’t use the Sultan Center app EVER.

Your forgot that Mark is too good for Co-ops and makes it a deliberate lifestyle choice to only shop at places like sultan center and carrefour for instance.

Speaking of salmiya, its been a while since you posted about salmiya looking through your nostalgia goggles. Is everything ok?

Hes planning to retire in style,
I wouldnt be surprised to see him Sugar Dadding a Lebanese hottie in Avenues…🤷‍♂️

Drops was great last year, but this year during Ramadan they delivered to me damaged and filthy beverages, never ordered from them ever again, and their app locked me out when I didn’t use it.

Drops is not at all good. I ordered a couple of times and they delivered me expired items + late delivery (though they never refunded me for late deliveries).

I’ve started using Go Fresh since last year and the experience has been great so far! Plus they got free delivery.

Have you tried out the City Center app? They were pretty late in launching it but it does have a lot of useful features.
For e.g. when they replace an item they WhatsApp you about it with the replacement item, and you can choose to either replace or not.
It also saves up your previous purchases as lists so that you can load them up either reorder or edit.

Yup! I agree with you. I love their new app and website. Plus, for ones looking for unique and exclusive brands such as Waitrose and Organic Larder then City Centre is the place to be. They also have some good trendy, and lifestyle products.

All in all, that is the only app and or website I use for my grocery shopping. Their website is for anyone that is interested.

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