My first Michelin dining experience: Parkheuvel

Post by Mark

I’ve never eaten at a Michelin star restaurant so when I found out there was a restaurant with two Michelin stars in Rotterdam, I decided to to try it out. The restaurant is called Parkheuvel and at one point had three Michelin stars before losing two stars and then gaining one back again. I was worried I wouldn’t find a table available since I booked the night before but I did find one and to my surprise the restaurant was actually empty when I was there for lunch.

I decided to go with the fixed 5 course menu option since I wanted to try as many dishes as I could. Below are the dishes I was served with their descriptions written underneath it. Of course when they presented the dishes to me they explained it in a much more elaborate way:

Green pea soup with sausage foam. The soup is inside the crunchy sphere.

Lobster, crab and goose liver.

Lightly simmered scallops with cauliflower and hazelnuts.

Grilled turbot with risotto.

The main course: Lamb with artichoke and potato stuffed with something.

Dessert, golden pearl of white chocolate filled with blood orange and a side of lemon icecream.

When I got the soup I thought it was funny at first but then I appreciated the fact that the soup didn’t look like soup since it made it different than any other soup I’ve had before. I thought the scallops and the grilled turbot dishes were incredible, lots of flavor and like nothing I had tasted before. I actually liked the risotto that came with the turbot more than the turbot itself and I’m not a big risotto fan. Everything else was also good but nothing really stood out like the scallops and the turbot.

The portions as you can see were pretty small making it more a tasting experience than a dining one. The service at the restaurant was the best I had ever experienced with very friendly and extremely knowledgable staff. Price wise the 5 course meal cost 110 euros (around KD40) which I think is very reasonable considering it’s a two Michelin star restaurant. The experience overall was well worth it and has made Michelin star restaurants more approachable and less intimidating to me. I always had the impression you would have to pay an arm and a leg to dine at one and that you would never be able to find a table. Now I know that’s not always the case.

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  1. ali says:

    Finally! something other than burgers! I wish Kuwait would appreciate this kind of food, as that is what I look for most of the time.

  2. Anon says:

    Mark, you need to change the spelling in your post title to ‘dining’ with one ‘n’…!/entry/what-is-the-difference-between-dining-vs-dinning,4fe1dfdf4b672622b8489617/2

  3. gunsmoke says:

    We had dinner there a few months ago, really excellent experience.

    If you are ever back, I suggest you do the fixed course dinner with the wine pairing.

  4. x says:

    40kd for bits and pieces of stuff ha

  5. Muni says:

    If a michelin starred restaurant opened in Kuwait, the price would be 200 KD per person minimum going by what Applebees or Ruby Tuesday or Chillis charges for a Ribs or Chicken dish.

  6. Adam says:

    Was there a dress code at this place? Might be going next week.

  7. Abou Burger says:

    Good! this shall wean you off burgers for good.
    Would you know which of the two- Michelin or Zagat rated restaurants are higher up in the stratosphere of fine dine restaurants??

  8. sooli says:

    “to my surprise the restaurant was actually empty when I was there by for lunch.”

    either passed by for lunch or i was there for lunch.

  9. Rehab says:

    How many minutes did it take for the Starter and rest dishes to arrive ? It is so well presented…

  10. Lucky_Boy says:

    Looking at these photos, the only thing that comes on my mind is, Gordon Ramsey’s clone screaming and shouting at everyone back in the kitchen.

  11. Ibn Al-Jazeera says:

    I’m so glad Kuwait provides opportunity to many people of different religions and ethnicity. Prior to 1970 we were playing in our sandbox and no one gave a shit about our situation.

  12. abdou says:

    I heard KFC has a michelin star as well.

  13. Frederick says:

    €110 for food that looks like leftovers, not worth it Mark. and yes, I’m frugal.

  14. Areej says:

    What a sad-looking ‘meal’!! My stomach would NOT be happy at all!

  15. Jj says:

    I had dinner last night at Eleven Maddison. 3 Michlien stars. Amazing dining experience

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