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Review: Shakir’s New Chicken Shawarma

Shakir just launched the chicken shawarma a couple of days ago and it made me realize just how strange it was that they didn’t have chicken as an option to begin with. If it was me opening a shawarma place and someone suggested to me to only sell meat I’d be like wtf? The number 1 rule of a shawarma place is the fact that you have chicken and meat, that’s basic Shawarma 101. But that’s the power of Shakir, since the start they’ve been doing things differently and it’s worked out really well for them.

I passed by their Salmiya location yesterday which tends to be fairly quiet, but when I got there it was really busy with delivery drivers and people waiting to order the new chicken shawarma. I’m a big fan of Shakir but had recently gotten bored of it, the fact they have chicken now has re-sparked my interest in the brand and I’m guessing it’s done the same with other people.

Was it worth the wait?

So their chicken shawarma is actually pretty good, better than I was expecting it to be, not that I was thinking it was going to be bad. I think it’s their nicely balanced garlic sauce combined with the freshly baked bread that gives it a slight edge over my other favorite places like Ebn 3my and Shawarma Arabi. The only issue is the ratio of chicken to bread, they’re pretty stingy with the filling. After having two sandwiches, I went back for a third and asked for extra chicken (it’s an option with the meat shawarma for an extra fee if you didn’t know). But, according to the cashier, the IT guys hadn’t set up that option yet on their system. When it does become an option, that’s how I’d recommend you have it, order the sandwich with extra chicken or else it will mostly feel like you’re eating bread as you can see in my photo.

Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The price of the chicken shawarma is 750fils similar to their meat. They also have the platter for 2.750KD. I had my sandwich with just garlic inside because that’s how I like it but it usually comes with greens, sweet potato chips, and pickles.

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While on the topic… I saw another Badar Al Badoor closer to HW30 on the street opposite the new location of the one run by the original guys.


How can we have misleading exact similar names of businesses is beyond me

yeah i saw the new second location, no idea what that is about. maybe he’s trying his luck to see which location people are more inclined to go to and then close the second one.

Tbh the queue isnt as bad as when it first started. You can order via phone or app for pickup, thwyre on deliveroo also. For me being in mishref deliveroo is amazing because it comes hot and fresh.

Also, yes mark it is the one in the actual coop next to mishref juice, across the optics store

Please, some more details about this Mishref shawarma.. where is it? In the main mishref coop? there are too many restaurants there – which one is this?

I’m at the main Mishref Coop as I’m typing this (it’s my neighborhood) so I’ll help you out bud.
Shawerma Mishref is located into the left of the travel agency Mishref Travel Co and right in front of an optics store. The name of the restaurant is exclusively written in Arabic and it usually opens from 2 pm onwards.
Hope this helps.

On talabat it says their chicken sandwich has sweet potato sticks and mint which is a weird combo. How was those additions?

you must try the new restaurant called TAXIM at salmiya amman street opposite yiaco apolo. They provide Turkish grills, sandwiches and shawarma or donor. It was very delicious

I stopped being shawarma Shakir customer due to the fact that Sandwich it self is tiny, has very little meat, And lack of delivery, Of course now they do deliver but there are many other excellent Shawrma options in Kuwait, such as Mhammash, Mishref, q80_chef_ Sharaf, All super tasty clean, bigger portions more value for money, So I’m going to skip the new Shakir chicken!

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