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Post by Mark

Thai Chow King is a small hole in the wall Thai food restaurant that was recommended to me by one of my readers. It’s a tiny place run by a Thai family. The father who used to work at Sheraton before does the cooking while his wife waits on tables. This little gem of a place has suddenly become my favorite Thai food place.

I passed by for lunch today with a friend and we ended up ordering the following dishes:

Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp KD1.500
Tom Kha Kai Soup with Shrimp KD1.500
Shrimp on Toast KD1.500
Fried Shrimp Wanton KD1.500
Seafood Salad KD1.500
Red Curry Beef KD1.500
Pad Thai with Chicken KD1.250
Mixed Vegetables KD1.250
Chicken with Cashew KD1.500
Steamed Rice KD0.500
Large Water KD0.250

Notice anything with the prices? The most expensive dishes we had cost just KD1.500! This place is such a good deal specially since the food was really good. The curry was delicious, the pad thai was also really good and the chicken with cashew dish was nice and crispy (although had only 2 cashew pieces). Even the shrimp on toast and fried wantons were appetizing and served with great tasting dips.

The restaurant is small with just 5 tables and every dish on the menu has a picture next to it which makes choosing something very easy. I really can’t think of anything to fault about the place. I loved it and how could I not when the food was delicious, filling and our bill came out to just KD13.750.

Thai Chow King is located in Al-Regae and their phone numbers are 24893338 or 66527388. Finding them is easy, here is their location on [Google Maps]

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  1. n19 says:

    Wow at the prices. The food looks good and proper. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. trazx says:

    THANK YOU Mark!

    I’m a thai food nut and raqeee is not far from my place..I’m psyched!

    • trazx says:

      tried them out :) Their curry (red curry) was really nice, otherwise their pad thai (I tried all three, and beef noodles) and tufu noodles weren’t that impressive at all, pretty bland and the portions were minuscule.

      well, you can’t please everyone–that said, I’d say its an OK restaurant–especially considering its prices.

  3. Kuwait says:

    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy… my mouth is watering and its only 7:47am!

  4. Keith says:

    TCK was always my favourite Thai food place, from the time they were a one table restaurant. No matter where I traveled in the world and however many Thai restaurants we ate at, none could match up to these guys. Now after moving to Australia, I hope I find a restaurant that can offer a similar menu.

  5. KG says:

    “Tom Yum Soup with Shrimps”

    Its “shrimp” not “shrimps” lol

    Just like we dont say fishs, we just say fish.

  6. Rehab says:

    Probably chicken with cashew was cheap because it had only 2 had cashews in it… :P

  7. sooli says:

    you should try phucket thai in salmiya next to dodo , also tucked away, run by a thai family, very cheap with huge portions, very fresh and delicious. dont go after 6:30 you wont find a place to sit cuz it would be packed.

  8. shey says:

    thanks for the suggestion! on my list to eat now – :)

  9. mountsainttrap says:

    The food at TCK is okay…nothing to write home about. I found a couple of curries to be sweet (when I mentioned medium spicy) and the quantity to be okay. The prices are more or less comparable or slightly higher to Thai Phuket @ Salmiya which offers more quantity than TCK. But now-a-days the quality of food @ Thai Phuket isn’t how it was like b4. When I order the Panang Curry or the Chicken Red curry the taste of the chicken in it is kinda weird. So also, at times there’s a weird stench at the place. We lack a proper Thai restaurant here in Kuwait.

  10. Mathai says:

    See? I told you they were good :)

  11. cajie says:

    You eat too much, but I am glad you liked the place. I love their Tum Yum mixed, but I think they charge KD 2.000 for it, and it is probably not on the menu.

  12. Security Adviser says:

    Best Thai Food Place and our Favorite haunt since the last 07 years ;-)

  13. Ayman says:

    Two words for anyone who is looking for the real deal Thai restaurant in Kuwait “Oriental Cuisine”

  14. Mo Bo says:

    Man I love thai food. I know udon is good but that place is a bit too expensive.

    Please tell me they have green curry…

    or any coconut based food…

    Also do they deliver?

  15. boca mocha says:

    Phuket Thai FTW, som tam is on point there. If you are vegan/vegetarian P’Kung the chef can hook it up for you with mushroom sauce instead of fish sauce, and tofu instead of meat.

    I know the owners of Thai Chow King also, but never really ate there because they were always out of tofu, but the last couple of times I have been there it is good.

    My wife’s thai food rocks, but when we go out to eat we usually eat Phuket, it does get crowded now though.

  16. mocman says:

    Been going there since 97 when they had outdoor seating and when reggaie didnt even have roads. All these years and still the cheapest and tastiest food.

  17. Nsh says:

    Did they start accepting cards? Last time when I visited they were accepting only cash.

  18. MNS says:

    You should try SABAIDEE

  19. boca mocha says:

    Sabaidee is more north eastern style, good, but I like southern style thai flavor myself. If you like sticky rice then that’s your place, they also have good laab there.

  20. hello says:

    I am going there on the weekend. hope its a child friendly place.

  21. Mazen says:

    Mark do you know a good place where they serve the famous Pho Soup? I think its Vietnamese and I don’t know if there’s a Vietnamese resto in Kuwait…

  22. Kathy says:

    I like Thai Phuket. The Somtam there is nice, must try. Sabaidee also good. To me Oriental is so so, not my cup of tea.

  23. DesertFoxQ8 says:

    For me, still Pattaya Thai restaurant at Al-Dawliah Complex, Kuwait City is still the best. For the past 20 years I’ve been going there, the authentic taste of their foods never changed, especially their Tom Yum soup.

  24. jj says:


    Mezzanine Floor of the Dawliah Commercial Complex behind the Kuwait Airways Building downtown.
    love their food.Thai chow also good. go there every week, closer to office.

  25. dotdotdot says:

    gonna try this tomorrow with my family! :D

  26. dotdotdot says:

    We went there today, the food was nice. I thought of the breaded shrimps to be a bit bland. I think the resturant was over flown today by customers after this review (maybe, because there were alot of customers and some had to leave because there was no space) this probably freaked the staff out! :D it was good over all.

  27. Kevin says:

    Seafood soup

    Chicken green curry

    Panang chicken


  28. Travis says:

    This place is also known as “Boone’s” among certain circles. My favorite thing to eat is Panang chicken with vegetables added, over garlic rice.

  29. Mellisa says:

    i love the food here. in October they renovated the place but unfortunately they made it even smaller than it was..

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