360 Mall: New Renderings and Video of Expansion

Post by Mark

360 Mall have released new renderings as well as a video showcasing their upcoming mall expansion which will include a tennis complex, a hotel and additional shopping. The tennis complex will have a combined stadium seating for over 7,600 people across two main arenas, each with the capacity to hold 4,000 and 1,600 people respectively, eight indoor courts with over 500 seats and eight outdoor courts with 1,500 seats. The tennis arena will be called “The Sheikh Jaber Al Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah International Tennis Complex” and is expected to become one of the world’s best tennis facilities.


In summary, we should basically all start learning tennis so we could take advantage of the facilities once they open up.

On a side note I’ve managed to confirm that Bloomingdale’s will be opening up where the exhibition hall at 360 Mall is located right now. What I wasn’t aware of was that the exhibition hall is actually three floors tall but because they hadn’t installed the escalators yet, it never showed. Regarding the 5-star hotel thats opening up in the new expansion, all the renderings are pointing towards Hyatt making a comeback to Kuwait. I’m still trying to get confirmation on this but I haven’t been able to as of now. My contact just confirmed the hotel that will be opening is Grand Hyatt and that an official announcement will be made shortly.





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  1. Kuwait says:

    Was passing by last week and noticed the name and thought, will it be any different if it is to be called “Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah International Tennis Complex” instead of “Sheikh Jaber Al Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah International Tennis Complex”.

  2. Nasser says:

    This is great. And if these facilities are gonna be open for the public, I probably would love to pick up playing tennis.

  3. sala6a says:

    Kuwait Open… Inshallah… This is sensational…
    I dream to make my kids professional tennis players… I hope that this academy will provide the seeds to that and will more drive the community into sports… It’s an important step…

    • Sfh5 says:

      Would be amazing to see Kuwait finally step up and be able to host such a tournament!
      This facility is definitely a great start…

  4. Rastapopulus says:

    Open to Kuwaitis only?

  5. ZeroGravity says:

    Who is the contractor executing this project ?

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