Disney Store Opening at The Avenues

A Disney store is opening in Avenues Phase 4. I was aware Alshaya had gotten the Disney brand for the MENA region but supposedly just for shop-in-shops where they would open small Disney stores inside existing stores like Debenhams and Mothercare. But, based on the hoarding, looks like they’ll also be opening a standalone store.

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This is great! I actually really hope Disney brings back Disney Quest and opens that in Kuwait and in the region, with AlShaya running it

This is so surprising to see since Disney closed its own stores in the US and Europe. Hope they can bring some parks merch as well.

Avenues has become a place where one can spent the whole day there and still not get bored of anything. Amazing. isn’t it.

When there are announcements and alerts of new stores opening you often worry and wonder about stores that shuttered to make way for these new stores. Change they say is the only constant in life.

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