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Kuwait Airways Review by Josh Cahill

Josh Cahill is a German-Czech aviation vlogger and airline critic who is considered to be the most-watched flight reviewer on YouTube. Yesterday he posted a video review of his flight with Kuwait Airways and spoiler alert, he had a wonderful experience. He liked a lot of things including surprisingly, the Chicken Kiev which he described as one of the best meals he’s had on any flight. Now I feel like I have to try it. Check out his review above.

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I do like Kuwait Airways because even at the height of the ‘pandemic’ they were always chill and didn’t make you feel like this was your final flight.

The review was great and detailed and in my opinion very accurate. However, he failed to notice that he had to go down the stairs and into a bus to the terminal. This is a very annoying thing that can add an extra 30 mins to the trip and is not great for those who are old or with young children. Not to mention the heat and dust you have to face (which especially for a newcomer to Kuwait can be a crazy shock).

You do realize that kuwait airways has its own terminal now, right? The whole bussing you to the terminal thing stopped being a thing. I’ve traveled with KU many times since they opened terminal 4 and I never had to be bussed in.

Everyone brags about the food, but I always get mediocre food. I recently made a special order meal and the flight attendant gave it to somebody else. I ended up getting their regular chicken dish with rice and it was bland as hell, and the rice wasn’t good either. When I told another flight attendant about the mixup with my meal, they compensated by giving me the Business Class meal, but it felt too little too late, however it was better than the regular meal.

Kuwait Airways is good only if you want to reach your destination directly. Otherwise emirates is the best flight. Their economy flight service is best comparing to kuwait airways

I love Kuwait Airways and will always be my first choice especially with the convenience of having its own airport/terminal. My only issue with them is it really shows the lack of professionalism training the staff receive. I once got food poisoning a few hours before my flight and couldnt miss or postpone my flight. Once i got on board i asked one of the staff members if i could move to a seat closer to the toilet just in case, he freaked out and called the pilot and almost got me kicked off the flight. It was food poisoning and nothing contagious or life threatening. Plus the pilot was really rude and refused to let me speak and explain that i was cleared to fly by a doctor.

Wow how suddenly Kuwait airways became so good because a westerner just gave it a good review.

I wonder if the reviewer was an arabic guy !!!

Kuwait has so much potential still. but her people were not fair to their country, what a shame.

Thank you!

People here worship the ground White people poop on.

Sayood needs to do an cartoon on the insane
preferential treatment they get.

I disagree. I flew Kuwait airways recently a couple of times. Their business class seats are not very comfortable and they are not the more modern private level seats that most top airlines provide these days. Nowadays business class seats are all aisle seats and provide privacy. The TV screen is poor quality and the headphones also produce poor quality sounds.
Even the first class seats were the equivalent to business class seats of most airlines
The food is average at best. The main meal is decent but the salad and dessert are just packaged foods, below par in my opinion.
The new terminal is quite disappointing. Most of the time, we had to take a bus to either enter or exit the plane. Shopping and restaurants are limited. Even the lounges are small and lack space. They could have made the lounges more spacious and luxurious.
Compared to qatar airways and emirates, the overall experience is way behind on all levels. I can only say one positive aspect of the experience and that was the flights were on time without any delays.

Business class passengers are getting a completely different behavior and treatment from the air crew. the rest of passengers are getting even the smile based on their nationalities and outfit level.

Glad to see some youtubers reviewing the airline as i get to understand their perspective from the other side of the world.

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