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I ordered an item from Amazon that costs $4.99 and weighs just 0.1lbs. It’s a stupid adapter I needed which I couldn’t find in Kuwait (I found the non-L-shaped version only). Since the item weighs less than 100g and I have a Shop&Ship Flex account where they calculate shipping per 100g increments, this is the lightest weight they charge you for. It also costs under $100 so its exempt from customs.

If you’re curious as to what is the cheapest you can pay for a Shop&Ship package with the new rates, this is it:

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Are you expecting dozens of people handling your 4 dollar item, and multiple vehicles and airplanes crossing the ocean using ever increasing gas prices to be free?

I asked what the additional services fee was, they said it was for sns protect. After they added it to my last 6 shipments.

According to their terms, It should not be added to shipments below 100$ or flex accounts (which was the case with my order)

As usual with Aramex these days, I sent an email/call for explanation/refund or the fees.. and no response.

welcome to the club, horrible customer service and no effort to maintain or retain customers

id rather pay more for a better service

Horrible is an understatement, i have been using them the past 10 yrs plus, i usually order items that get delivered over two days so i would pay twice !one order that consist of more than one item they seperate them and send me over a couple of orders to pay more than once. its crazy, but today khalas ! i stopped ! i just left their branch at tala center salmiya, for an issue, as follow; usually i order and once the item reaches any of my boxes world wide, i go on the app and pay by knet online, which used have a breakdown of the customs fees + etc
recently its not allowing me ! i ordered a nato watch strap that weighs 0.04 kg and had to pay 4.67 kD on the app, when i received the shipment yesterday, they said that the 4.67 kd does not include the custom fees like it used ! so my nanny gave him 10 kd, he gave her 2 kd back and left, she ran after him he said i will come back later to give you i dont have change
! WTH !!! it doesnt work like that ! usually he calls me or send me a link, this guy didnt even call, he just range the bell, and now its been 24 hours we never heard of them, i filed a complain yesterday by fone, this morning passed by the salmiya branch, and now just got off the fone another complain !?no one cares !? they just never call back ! its like they dont exist. its not about the 2 kd,i swear its about everything ! this is wrong ! this cannot be happening, last week i ordered a luggage bag from the frankfurt, germany, a very light weight bag, they i eneded up paying 31.8 kd for shipping and custom fees !

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