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How much does it cost to buy an iPhone 13 Pro from Apple US?

When the iPhone 13 Pro launched a couple of weeks ago I pre-ordered one from the Apple store along with a silicon cover. This is how much it cost me with shipping:

iPhone 13 Pro 512GB (Sierra Blue)
Apple Silicon Cover (Blue Jay)
Total = KD 404

Shipping – MyUS (so I don’t pay US tax)
FedEx 1-3 Days Priority
Customs and clearance fees
Total = KD 16

Total cost = KD 420

I’ll be actually selling this one since I accidentally ordered the 512GB instead of the 256GB. And since the shipping time from Apple is now 3-4 weeks due to high demand, I’m just gonna wait till Digits gets their phones and buy one from them. But, the prices above should give you an idea of how much it generally costs to get a phone directly from the States. There were two cheaper shipping prices with MyUS, but both would have resulted in the iPhone arriving in around 10 days’ time and I’m traveling soon so wanted it to arrive before.

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Apple is cracking down on orders shipped to freight forwarding addresses. When I ordered my 12 Pro Max last year, it got flagged and I had it shipped to my friend’s address in the States. The same thing happened this year with the 13 Pro Max. (its a hit or a miss, cuz my MacBook order went through with no hassles, but the iPhone orders were flagged). so try your luck out, and be prepared to have back up options ready if your order gets flagged.

I get all my iPhones from Digits so haven’t had much experience ordering phones from Apple. But, I did have like my iPhone 4 I think canceled when I tried to order it back in the day but never had any similar issues since.

Yea, same for me also. Whenever i give the MYUS suite address, apple simply blocks the order.
Btw, have you ever got any item in Fedex Priority is 3 days? For me it always takes minimum 7 days.

Never, but DHL was also gonna cost me 24KD to ship so FedEx Priority was next best thing. I wish they had UPS as an option since they’ve become my favorites.

Yes , UPS would be the best option.
Regarding tax, won’t Kuwait charge you for any shipment of value more than KD 100? Or you are using pay tax at source option on Myus?

I don’t think there are taxes on phones and the phone cover is less than 100$ so no tax on that. But there are clearance fees which I’m paying through MyUS.

Just make sure the cellular bands are the same ones being used in ME. It might be cheaper but maybe 5G or LTE is not working. There are now 5 different model numbers for each iPhone model.

That’s literally the only thing stopping me from hitting the buy button. I really don’t want to get flagged and wait weeks for the refund to land back into my bank account (assuming I get charged).

I’d like to order the 13PM through DHL EasyShop, but I’m getting mixed signals whether I should.

When are you notified about the order being cancelled? Is it just after ordering or when it gets ready to ship? I have ordered an iPhone 14 Pro and it ships after 2 weeks so was just wondering when does apple cancel it?

It went through and got shipped this week from China. Should be with MyUs by the end of the week or next.

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