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Maria Tash Now Open

The very popular luxury piercing studio Maria Tash opened in the Prestige section of Avenues right next door to Harvey Nichols. They opened a few months ago but I only just noticed since their location isn’t in a part of Avenues I frequent a lot. This is now probably the best place in Kuwait to get your piercings since they’re always pioneering techniques and have nearly 30 years of experience. They don’t have a dedicated Kuwait Instagram account but their main account is @mariatash

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did you bother asking them? Or do you just feel special enough to make assumptions about this stuff?

Unfortunately they don’t do piercings for men here. And they only do ears. No septum, nose or eyebrow piercings etc.

i confirmed with them, Mens cant pierced, as Maria Tash is considered as a Ladies Saloon,
their store manager told me

they Literally have the prettiest staff i have seen, so pretty that i didnt wanted to leave the store,
they do mens piercing in Dubai, all the facial except body piercings

One would think piercing, tattooing and tanning salons are having a moment in Kuwait but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Apparently, KU do not accept the pierced, the tattooed and the openly gay as crew members. How very inclusive of them ?!

I think that applies to every airline in our region, that’s why you never see male flight attendants on Emirates or Qatar with piercings and neck tattoos.

I think with EK and Qatar they may not allow cabin crew members to trot a tattoo on their neck or visible body parts but KU may leave no part of the torso untouched meaning no tattoos even on buttocks, inner thighs, chest region or lower back.
As an aside, the livery on aircrafts itself is a form of tattoo art so let’s just abandon that too 🤭😛

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