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Sneak Peek: Decathlon Sports Shop

I passed by Marina Mall tonight since I had read they were opening tonight. But when I got there I noticed the shutters were still down but the lights were on inside and I spotted some employees. So I made a few phone calls and managed to get a tour around the store and take some pictures.

First off, the place is HUGE. I was expecting it to be big but not this big. It’s like a giant supermarket filled with sporting goods. The store is located in Marina Mall where Virgin and a bunch of other smaller shops used to be right across from Cinnabon and The Athletes Foot.

Decathlon is a French brand and most of their stores have 18 different sections but the one in Kuwait will be missing two, climbing and hunting. The other 16 sections in the store are the following (taken from their website):

– Camping
– Running
– Cycling
– Fitness, Dance, Martial Arts
– Swimming
– Surf Sports
– Boating
– Diving
– Teamsports
– Racket Sports
– Horse Riding
– Walking
– Golf
– Roller, Skate, Scooter
– Fishing
– Target Sports

I really loved the place and can’t wait to go back once they open which will hopefully be tomorrow night (Tuesday). They were supposed to open up tonight but due to a technically difficulty they’re now aiming to open by noon tomorrow. If anyone is looking for a watch with a heart rate monitor I spotted an affordable one there for KD12.5.

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This what will happen …. People will buy stuff from there …. and will never use it … Profit??

We have 2 X Kayaks and other random stuff we don’t use LOL

I checked out their website to see what brands they usually carry, I hope they have more than just the French brand “Domyos” for the “combat sports” section. I was looking forward to this store opening up, so I will go check it out, and have an open mind.

The ones here in the UK stock everything you’d need but nothing of exceptional quality, obviously they would have the leading brands, but maybe not the top of the range equipment, they try to keep everything relatively cheap. They do have cricket equipment here, not sure about the Kuwait branch.

Sorry, I didn’t notice any. I really was focusing on the combat section, goggles section (since i need new swimming goggles), knee wrap section, i checked out the watches since we were talking about them the other day on my nike fuel post and i checked out the bicycle and camping sections.

Biking stuff they have a large collection of pumps, tires and accessories. Pumps and accessories from the Zefal brand which is pretty good. Camping section they have these amazing popup tents. They work kinda like those car sun shields which are small and circular until you fold open and they expand into large circles. The tents work the same way, they just expand from a small circle into a large tent. Not pricy either. They have fold out tents that expand to 2 meters in height!

Ok, I’ll check it out later. Have you tried the Speedo goggles with the anti-fog coating? I bought a pair from the sports shop in Souk Al Watiya (Sportsman?) and they’re way better than my previous generic brand ones. And I got a tip from the swimming instructor, wipe a little spit on the inside of the goggle before swimming a lap and they won’t fog up when you start sweating.

Mine are similar, ie it has the flexible middle section for the nose. Check the local shops before you buy it online. I don’t think there’s much price difference. Mine were approx 7 or 8 KD if I remember correctly.

obviously wasn’t gonna buy them online, i got my speedos locally at gosport for like KD5. the ones i want to get are around kd10 but am gonna pass by decathlon first since its closer to my house.

Spit does the trick, also on a new pair of googles rub some toothpaste around on the inside, sometimes there is a slight film/residue that causes fogging to occur easily, the mild abrasiveness of the toothpaste will take care of removing the film/residue. Being a diver, the spit works the best, some people also use a spray, but spit works better from my experience.

pffft. That is nothing. We went white water rafting in Ladakh. These guys stack 4 rafts on top of each other on a 4×4.
But that’s not the scary part. The scary part is the route they take to drop off the rafts at the start point. Steep unpaved roads with straight vertical drops to the bottom of the valley.
I was too scared to take pictures.

I dropped by yesterday, there is a lot of stuff there, even though some of it seems out of place for kuwait such as surf boards. If you are looking for affordable pricing, it looks like they have it, mainly with the domyos brand. I am not sure the quality of the “Domyos” brand, but for me I wish they had a wider variety of brands. It’s a well laid out store and I hope they can expand on the brands they carry.

I just bought a heart rate monitor from Decathlon but the range starts at 8.5 KD. I paid 12.5 KD for mine and then realized someone made a mistake in the barcode stickers and they refunded the excess amount.

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