The Largest IKEA in Kuwait Just Opened

When I was given a tour of The Warehouse the other day, I also got a tour of the new IKEA located there. The new IKEA is nearly 25% larger than The Avenues location (26,000m² vs 21,000m²) and is considered to be one of the largest in the region. It’s really huge.

What stood out to me the most while walking around the store is how much space all the display areas had. It makes The Avenues location seem cramped even though thats not a small store by any means. One of the benefits of having a significantly larger store is the ability to showcase the complete range of products. So for example, instead of a couch being displayed in one size and two colors, they now have the space to display all the sizes and all the colors. I was walking around checking out products which I thought were new only to be told they’ve had them for years and I had just never noticed them before, or they never had the models on display. Same when we passed by the home appliances section, I had no idea IKEA had their own ovens or fridges for sale. Thats how much of a difference the new larger store makes on all their products, it allows them to really shine.

The store is split across two levels similar to The Avenues location and with the same general flow. The restaurant like everything else in the store is now much larger and features not only the standard food pickup area, but also includes a new permanent buffet section and a conveniently accessible coffee shop directly from the mall. The bakery and food market are located on the lower floor and like everything else, are also much larger.

If you want to check out the new IKEA they just opened today at The Warehouse. Their operating hours are from 9AM to 11PM daily and here is their location on Google Maps.

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Went to the new mall today and was impressed with IKEA as it had entrances through – even one at the actual restaurant. The Swedish foods section was really nice and had more products available.

I visited today as well and yes it’s much bigger and spacious. I think I did around 12k steps just walking the two floors. The whole mall has a very industrial touch, true to its name.

I hope it will become a green landscape around that place in the future and for the IKEA management to keep that amazing blue building look for years.

Good to hear, I was thinking it would be an ikea display shop, like 360. Can only buy small stuff, everything else needs to be delivered.

I went there today to check out Lulu inaugural offers but I was surprised at the scale of Ikea. I noticed that it was quite huge. I asked one of the staff if this branch was bigger and she said yes it is definitely bigger. But the irony is that even though it is bigger, it felt like you could get lost in the Avenues branch. Then I realized that this new branch is more spacious like the walkways are wider and the distance between racks is bigger. Also, there are 6 kinds of restaurants. The Brunch restaurant, the normal restaurant, the cafe restaurant, the grab and go restaurant, the pastries restaurant, and the deli restaurant. They also have separate section for families. Also, they already have the As-is section and the selection was already substantial like they had been open for quite a while.

Also, I was surprised that a furniture store named Abyat has a collosal branch directly beside Ikea. I mean, Abyat wants to challenge Ikea.

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