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The Warehouse Mall Opens Tomorrow

Yesterday I got a tour of The Warehouse mall and it was a pretty cool experience since it was very busy with the mall and businesses all getting ready for the opening tomorrow (August 16). The mall looks really great and very different to other malls which is what caught my attention the first time I visited back in May.

The Warehouse has an industrial look with lots of bricks and metal cladding everywhere. The roof is covered with a glass and steel structure that casts interesting shadows onto the floor during the day. It’s really well designed mall with a lot of creative touches, even the bathrooms are worth checking out.

Theres a large variety of stores in the mall with the main anchors being IKEA, ABYAT, LC Waikiki and LuLu Hypermarket. You also have some new restaurants opening there that aren’t available anywhere else in Kuwait yet like Jamie’s Italian and Nando’s. Regulars like Milk Bun, Shake Shack and Raising Cane’s are also opening there as well as one of my favorite coffee shops, Earth Roastery. There is also a Cinescape, Xcite, Starbucks, Zain, and a bunch of other “mall-must-haves”. There’s even an area called Auto Zone which houses a bunch of car dealerships.

If you want to pass by and check the mall out, starting tomorrow The Warehouse is going to open daily from 10AM till 10PM except on weekends where it stays open till 11PM. The mall is located in Ahmadi, right off highway 30 or 40. @thewarehousekuwait

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I even hear they are encouraging people to come in boiler suits and industrial overalls just to go with the flow.

Forest Essentials is amazeballs. I only hope they bring more premium high quality brands from India such as, Atmosphere (silk curtains & linen) and Oma (fine home furnishings & decor). Will be a whiff of fresh air from the usual invasion by standard high street retailers.

I doubt we will unfortunately just because it take so long for them to get here.

Forest Essentials has been planning to launch in the Gulf since 2016 – over seven years ago.

I think Nicobar would do extremely well here so would Good Earth but we’ll see!

Actually the prices here are pretty much the same prices in India. Maybe a KD difference but that’s understandable.

@BoH- Totally agree.
Bombay Shirt Company is another Indian brand with good potential for the corporate Kuwaiti market.

I love that store! I have so many shirts from there. One of my favorite restaurants in Kala Ghoda is right opposite that store.

But I don’t think it’ll work here sorry. Especially since it’s got the word Bombay on there. Way too many racists here.

Did I hear a bookstore ? Thought it’s haram to entertain any such thoughts on books etc. in Kuwait. I am guessing there won’t be a Kinokuniya here for the next quarter of a century, at least i e if bookstores themselves do not become extinct by then.

I’m guessing you don’t live in kuwait because if you did you’d know we have plenty of bookstores here. Obviously not a Kinokuniya when the population of educated English speaking expats is so small.

I just went there today, and I thought it was very mid; not worth the drive. Biggest surprise to me was that the elevators and toilets weren’t working, like wtf?? How do you open a mall without working elevators and toilets? Idk if it was just the ones I found, but I thought it was very careless that such a thing happened. What also surprised me was that small shops like Trolley and Ufff weren’t opened, and Trolley had a sign saying it will open in September! 😂, like why? Just bring sandwiches, juices, and snacks and you’re good to go! Similar to Ufff, I could even see that the store was ready, just only empty shelves. Lulu looked nice, but the selection of products was the same like in other Lulu markets. Biggest disappointment was the Ikea food market; same selection like in other branches, but they had frozen veggie ball meals for sale.

Big missed opportunity that they didn’t bring Pret-a-Manger, Virgin Megastore, Lego Store or even Kinokuniya to make the mall a must-visit. Also, the only bookstore I found was a Dhuha Bookstore kiosk which sold Arabic books and some English translations of those books.

@ BOH – I somewhat agree. The word ‘Bombay’ may pose bit of a problem. That having said I think there used to a Bombay furniture store back in the day in Salmieh. Guess, it has shuttered now.
The next time you are in Mumbai visit their new store in Kemps Corner which has an even better, larger collection of shirts. Their silk shirts are a steal 👌

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