True Value Now Inside Sultan Center

If you’re a customer of the main Sultan Center in Salmiya you might have noticed how the upstairs area was pretty dead. Xcite and Intersport opened there a few years ago but the homeware section was pretty poor, like they stopped caring about it.

Well yesterday I found out that True Value has now taken over that department so I decided to check it out. Basically the whole top floor of Sultan Center Salmiya is divided between Xcite, Intersports, Dawa Pharmacy and True Value. True Value takes up majority of the space and covers all the homeware items with a very tiny hardware section.

It’s a pretty good idea and great for shoppers, but mostly because they’ve restocked the area and its packed with stuff now instead of it looking abandoned.

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I’m curious how this works. Do they just sublet the area and pay rent to sultan. Or do they share in the sales profit?

TSC used to be great 10-20 years ago, when you shopped there, you could buy anything you wanted, now you have to shop at 5 stores to get what you want or order online like an idiot. Now TSC have to get other stores to supply them with items? What’s next, Drops will be supplying the food and drink items? TSC is practically a shadow of its former self. Also, they’re opening a Starbucks kiosk next to the cashiers, what a world! 😓

I feel TSC Boulevard is better than TSC Salmiya now. After their recent renovation TSC Salmiya has become very cramped at the cashiers. Also TSC Boulevard is overall more spacious.

Another big news that recently dropped is that McDonald’s Filet o Fish has returned to Kuwait after being discontinued in 2020 or 2021 but is only in their Kuwait City location and Assima Mall location

About the only upside is a fun and catchy tagline for the folks at TSC to exclaim: ‘True Value (now) lies inside TSC’ 😉
Guess, the competition from Carrefour , Lulu & now Monoprix is killing the TSC.

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