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Where to find vinyl records in Kuwait (2024 Edition)

Since a lot of record stores pop up and close down often, I tend to update this list every few years.

All the small online stores that sold new records have closed down, including @vinyldestinationkw, and so if you want a new release, your best bet is ordering from Amazon.

But, if you’re looking for old used records, you actually have multiple options in Kuwait.

The Antique Basement
This basement in Salmiya has various stores selling vintage and antique items, three of them also have a small collection of old records. They’re not organized but instead are either just pilled up on top of one another, or randomly stacked in boxes. Finding stuff is a bit of an adventure, but on the bright side, they’re mostly English records. Here are the instagram accounts of those stores:


This guy has the most insane collection of old music since he acquired all the remaining stock of the old record label “Bou Zaid Phone“, one of the most important Kuwaiti record labels. Nawader has a huge collection of new-old-stock records, cassettes and even 8-track tapes. Nearly all of the records he has are in Arabic, and he also has many very hard to come by ones. I got my 4-volume vinyl set of the “Kuwaiti Television Artistic Group” from him, and although he wouldn’t sell me his copy of the Iftah Ya Simsim record, he did hook me up with someone else who sold me theirs. He has a location thats by appointment only, but you can also purchase or request items through any one of his three instagram accounts:


If you’re looking for a vintage record player, boombox, 8-track or even reel-to-reel players to buy, the best store in Kuwait is Moqtanayaty, or “My Belongings” when translated to English. I bought my vintage record player from there and they can even repair vintage music players, VCRs, or really old TVs. You can check them out on instagram @vintage_radio_

If you know of another place that sells records, let me know in the comments.

6 replies on “Where to find vinyl records in Kuwait (2024 Edition)”

Will definitely check it out.

Is it aptly priced or are they selling items at modern-day pricing? Because there’s nothing is more disappointing than those store on Instagram selling overpriced vintage. It takes all the fun out of the hunt.

I hate that. I hate that we never get to have the create digging experience in Kuwait via second-hand stores. But I guess it’s the limited availability of the medium in Kuwait.

I was told by an employee at a certain trendy store (whose counterpart in the states sells limited edition colour vinyls) that there’s a monopoly on vinyl imports in Kuwait by a certain individual. Do you know anything about that?

Maybe I’m too trusting but he gave too much details and seemed utterly convincing, especially because it made sense.

Like, why Virgin never carried any vinyls yet in the UAE it has all news releases. Plus the fact that you can’t find imported vinyl anywhere in Kuwait officially. Dunno, there must be a reason and it certainly isn’t lack of demand.

It’s the same reason you can’t find music in general, there isn’t any demand and then you have the hassle of dealing with censors. Record shops keep popping up and closing down because nobody is buying anything and those who want either buy when abroad or just order through Amazon. Even in Dubai doubt vinyl at Virgin is a big money maker.

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