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Winter Wonderland Updates

It’s been around a month since I last posted about Winter Wonderland and there has been major progress since then. They’ve basically finished all the groundwork since my last post and have now started installing the rides.

There will be over 30 rides and games for both children and adults once they open in December and they’re planning to announce the rides soon on their Instagram account @winterland_kw.

They haven’t officially announced the ticket prices but in a news interview, they stated they’re aiming for a 5KD entrance fee and then 1KD for small rides and 2KD for larger ones.

The popular content creator @mohamedalwazzan lives across from the park and has been posting nearly daily updates of their progress, so check out his account if you want to get a sneak peek. This project is moving impressively fast.

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Why do woke ‘people’ like to start sentences with ‘imagine’?

Can’t wait for:

Imagine being triggered by someone’s vocabulary.

It’s moving so fast because the company managing is IMG, same one across and the countries hosting Winter Wonderland. All the fuss on the speed and endless public appearances by those “supposedly” in charge are nothing more than media stunts.

Story of this country. Was in Doha yesterday and in Riyadh for several weeks this year. We’ve been left behind and there’s one word that can describe the incompetence, “attitude”

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