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A friend of mine who lives in Dubai is signed up to this gym membership where she pays a set fee every month, and then has access to a number of gyms. She loves it because she gets to go to one gym for spinning, another for boxing, another for crossfit etc.. all with just one membership. Turns out we now have something similar in Kuwait called AllympiaPass.

AllympiaPass is a gym pass that gives you access to over 40 gyms in Kuwait. The way it works is simple (kinda), you sign up to one of their packages, then you launch the app and see what options you have available today or on a specific date. So you might be interested in pool access, or you might be interested in crossfit, you select what you want and you book it. That’s it. The app even allows you to filter between mixed classes or same sex classes and also by the area the gym is located in or by the kind of classes you’re interested in.

The only thing that makes the process a bit complicated is understanding how the membership plans work. Here are the packages available:

3 Passes / 14 Days
Visit any gym once

8 Passes / 30 Days
Visit any gym up to 3 times

12 Passes / 30 Days
Visit any gym up to 4 times

Unlimited Passes / 1 Month
Visit any gym up to 6 times

Unlimited Passes / 3 Months
Visit any gym up to 6 times

So, the complicated part here is with the wording of unlimited pass. Even though it’s called unlimited, it’s not really unlimited. The unlimited pass allows you to visit every one of the gyms they’ve partnered up with, but you can visit each gym up to 6 times only. For example, say you enjoy the crossfit classes at Flare Fitness, you can only visit them 6 times per month with their unlimited plan. This way you are forced to explore and visit multiple gyms which is the whole aim of the pass. At KD52 a month it’s actually not that bad of a deal.

If you’re interested in downloading the app and exploring it, here is the [Link]

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  1. afnanzn says:

    6kd package is pretty good to just try out different gyms in kuwait.

  2. nk says:

    there’s also P5M

    • Mark says:

      The problem with P5M is they want you to sign up just to explore the app and check out the prices. I don’t support any business that forces you to share personal information with just so you could explore their app and find out what they offer and their prices.

      So until they change their policy, I can’t check their app out or post about them.

      • rosy says:


      • Laila says:

        You can go through all the info without signing up through their website I believe.

      • Buthayna Al Refai says:

        I had leave my email in order to share a comment. I definitely think the app is worth exploring, their classes are wonderful.

        • Mark says:

          Oh please don’t compare.

          Firstly, you DON’T have to leave an email, you could fill it up with if you want and it’s fine. IF you put a correct email its your choice to do so and most people do it if they want to be notified of updates. But it’s not a requirement.

          Also, I’m not asking for your email just so you can read a post. They’re asking you to share your personal details just so you could find out what they offer and their prices. It’s like a store asking for your personal information before you enter the store just so you could browse what they’re selling. It’s really really stupid.

  3. Y.M.J says:

    I just noticed that this app is only for Apple users.

  4. Fahad says:

    there is a new website called, it AMAZING! you dont have to sign up or download an app you explore what you want and register to a gym class, an art class, travel so much in on place

  5. Martin says:

    The 1 month package makes much more sense than the 3 month deal. If you the 3 month option it will only allow you to visit a gym 2 time in a MONTH. At least you can go 6 times with the one month option.

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