VOX Cinemas Now Open

Post by Mark

Over the weekend, VOX Cinemas officially opened its screens to the public. They’re now the fourth cinema chain operating in Kuwait and their first location is in the fourth phase of The Avenues. You can book tickets and get more information by clicking [Here]

Their THEATRE by Rhodes section with the reclining cinema chairs and waiters service is still coming soon. For a tour of the VOX cinema, check out my previous post [Here]

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  1. Burhan says:

    Saw Infinity War at Vox in the Max screen.

    The screen was big, not as big as IMAX but bigger than the normal screens you would get at Cinescape.

    The seats were excellent. The fire alarm would flash intermittently which seems to be an issue with the entire phase 4. The Dolby Atmos was okay, nothing impressive.

    One thing I really appreciate is that they have a marquee that lights up when your screen is ready so there is no crowding.

    If you book using their app, you can just walk up to the ushers and have them scan your app. No need to stop by the kiosk and print another ticket, as is the case with Cinescape.

    An odd thing, the app asks me to pay for the 3D glasses, but you can keep them. The odd part is if you pay at the counter, you get the glasses for free and you can recycle them.

    A good option and an excellent location.

    • NG says:

      “No need to stop by the kiosk and print another ticket, as is the case with Cinescape”

      Minor correction: there is no need anymore to print tickets from the kiosk at Cinescape. I always book online, and have been gaining access by having the QR code scanned. Its been like that since the last 2-3 months maybe.

  2. Marcopolo says:

    So no Deadpool 2 in Kuwait?

  3. Rt says:

    Didnt know that they dont refund or change the booking once done….
    Bad business ethics…

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