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2013 Sea-Doo jetskis for rent

zDistrict posted on twitter about a jetski rental company with a delivery option so I called them up to get more details. Turns out the company is called Xtreme and they had a website listing all the Sea-Doo jetskis they had available for rent along with the prices. Other than the fact you get to rent 2013 model year jetskis, I found it pretty cool that they also delivery the jetski to you. Check out their website [Here]

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Thats really cool….
but the prices are ridiculous
nearly 500KD for a weekend …i would rather travel and spend my time in a luxury hotel
or rent a ferrari for a whole weekend for that matter

Agree ?

Well regular places on gulf road rent shity broken down jet skis for 20kd and hour while these guys are renting u 2013 models for 25 so I think their prices are pretty decent. Rent it for an hour it gets boring after that anyway

By your logic an online car rental agency that rents out Porsches should rent them out for KD10 a day or less because Budget rent a car who have rent to pay rent out Lancers for KD10 a day.

If I chose to rent a jet ski for an hour will the delivery person wait for an hour? how does that work?

prices are insane. I have no problem with prices for one hour, but they should have better day and weekend prices

I was thinking of getting the wake jet ski for wake boarding. But then when i saw the price i realised that renting a nautique from q8 balance with a professional instructor is cheaper

so a super jet ski costs 5000 kd on average and rents for 250 kd a day

a toyota 2013 corolla costs 5000 kd on average and rest for 5 kd a day

im i missing something ?

10-12 weekends will cover the cost of the entire thing !!!? Let me know if this works 🙂 ill buy 5 of them and sit at home ! RIDICULOUS PRICING !!

HI every body
Thank you Mr MARK for The Posting
Thank you For the comments

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A bout the price We have offer for week day for super charge jet ski the price will going to 35 Kd per 1H and the delivery service will be free and Don’t forget we rewind our jets every year it, mean know we will talking about 2014, we are professionals and all jets it,s brand new and no body deny all The jet skis on the gulf road it,s very bad quality Yamaha vx700 and the price its 25 per 1H and there is bad life jacket and no ice box in jet no speed and sport mode and reverse mode also and more and more, I don’t wana to say we are perfect but we can say we are the best but really we need You and we need your advices about every thing include q8jet.

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