Does Kuwait Produce Better Bodybuilders Than America?

Post by Mark

The video above is an interview that Generation Iron Fitness Network held with Arnold Classic winner, Brandon Curry on why he thinks Kuwait produces so many great body builders (specifically Oxygen Gym).

Brandon lived and trained in Kuwait before and he thinks Kuwait produces a lot of amazing body builders because of two things; The first is that Oxygen is one the best equipped and body building focused gyms in the world. The second is that when body builders move to Kuwait from their home countries, they are a lot more focused. There aren’t as many distractions like family and the whole social life they had back home. In Kuwait its basically eat, sleep, train and repeat. That actually makes a lot of sense.

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  1. Joe says:

    Because steroids are so easy to come by in Kuwait!

    • Mark says:

      drugs are much easier to come by in the States than it in Kuwait…

      • blarney_Bob says:

        have you seen the amount of empty/used syringes you can usually find in the vicinity/empty lots near the gymns?

        • Mark says:

          You do know steroids isn’t a kuwait only thing right? U think body builders in the states don’t use steroids as well? So if both body builders in kuwait and the states use the same steroids, how come kuwait produces better body builders? His theory is better gyms and nothing else to do…

      • Joe says:

        But much more commonly used in Kuwait due to lack of ethics among bodybuilders here.

        • Mark says:

          what does ethics have to do with it? we are talking about a situation where the same person, bodybuilding in kuwait and bodybuilding in the states sees a bigger change after coming to kuwait.

          it has nothing to do with ethics, it has nothing to do with easier access to steriods, the guy is saying the difference he thinks is that there are no distractions in kuwait so bodybuilders workout more and are more focused.

          so stop talking out of your ass.

          • Joe says:

            I am talking about the ethics of steroid use among bodybuildes in Kuwait vs. US if I was not clear about which ethics I was referring to.

            Surprised and disappointed to see what a infantile language you (especially as the blogg owner) resort to in your reply but we can see that happening rather frequently with you when you run out of arguments or when you do not share an opinion with another contributor or when the topic goes beyond your knowledge or understanding of the topic.

            So we come back to the old saying of “Never argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  2. Ipsom says:

    I’ve realized that Kuwaitis can get very skilled and attached with their hobbies, not just bodybuilding but basically whatever hobby they choose

    • Mark says:

      yes exactly, kuwait seems to excel in the most random shit and its usually hobbies. The combination of lots of money and free time work really well side by side with hobbies.

  3. Sam says:

    Steroids are cheap and easy to get here in gyms. Yes I agree there’s alot of bodybuilders here in Kuwait but most of em are on steroids.

  4. Dun says:

    Everyone talking about steroids being different and ‘better’ in Kuwait is NOT talking out of their ass.

    • Joe says:


    • Mark says:

      did you read the article you linked to?

      “These bodybuilders have the ability to train, eat to feed the muscle, and then rest in order to build and repair. They don’t have the hustle and bustle of life as we know it over here in the United States. Things over in Kuwait are laid back where a bodybuilder is able to focus solely on his training and contest prep.”

      whenever he talks about the steriods in kuwait being better he is always guessing and the only thing he is sure of is the fact that there are no distractions so bodybuilders focus more which is what Brandon was also saying in the interview above.

      • Mark says:

        and just to add, i’ve actually posted and thrown out the theory that the PED’s in Kuwait are better
        but it makes more sense that lots of free time and focus are a better reason since PED’s are readily available everywhere and if they can be imported into kuwait they can be imported to the US.

        • Dun says:

          I don’t know too much about the steroids trade. All I know is for much of the past 30 years American and European bodybuilders would go do their steroids ‘vacations’ in Thailand, and that’s a Googleable fact :)

      • Dun says:

        I sure did. Its an article written by and for bodybuilders. And while he totally acknowledges the ‘no distractions’ part, he also talks about whether the steroids are better in Kuwait.

        “Are the drugs over in Kuwait better? Possibly. Could they be stronger and less diluted than what’s available underground here in the US? Probably. But in my opinion and my opinion only, I truly feel that the combination of the drugs and complete focus on training and resting is what’s fueling these bodybuilders right now and transforming their physiques.”

        So drugs are part of the equation. Not saying they are the ONLY thing. Also not being naive and saying NO drugs ever in kuwait, they come here for the scenery.

        They come here and stay for the whole course of ‘anabolic chicken’ then flush it out once they gained the muscle mass. Its not even considered unethical amongst most competition bodybuilders (even in the west)

        • Mark says:

          From what you just copied and pasted:

          Are the drugs over in Kuwait better? “Possibly”

          Possibly means maybe, it’s NOT something he’s sure of its what he thinks, it’s what he’s guessing.

          Just be clear, I am pro steriods, trt, hgh whatever, I think adults have the right to choose for themselves if they want to take drugs or not. so one more time, the argument here isn’t if bodybuilders in kuwait take drugs or not, they do take drugs for sure, exactly like they also do in the states, in thailand, and in any other country.

          The reason i shared this video is because of the “eat sleep train repeat” idea which makes a lot of sense since its an added value kuwait has over a place like the states.

  5. Dun says:

    and here’s some inside talk about steroids at O2:

  6. Tinderbox says:

    Whenever I read about body building all I remember is that Luimarco guy and the funny way he talks in all his videos. “THESE GAINS AREN”T LOYAL!! TEE TEEZ BABY PLEAAZE!” lol man that guy is so funny i swear he can make even the most boring topic hilarious!

  7. Nasser says:

    Bodybuilding is such a fascinating sport and its amazing how people can push their bodies way to the limit

    However, on the case of steroid use, I think a lot of people who use it don’t know about the issues that they may face on the long run. I remember reading about how so many pro wrestlers would die young due to heart problems that may have been caused by steroid use (enlarged heart)

    • Informant says:

      Eddie Guerrero was the one who was found with the enlarged heart, and the reason he died was because of an overdose from prescription medication. Most of the wrestlers who came up in the late 80’s to the mid 90’s who died was because of complications due to prescription medications, either from an overdose or organ failure due to abuse. Don’t blame steroids for the deaths, because steroids if done right won’t have detrimental effects on the human body. Only when extremely abused it can cause issues, but those issues rarely ever lead to death.

  8. blarney_Bob says:

    stop arguing about steroids use. there’s no winning that argument as we, even those interviewed for the magazine cannot categorically answer such questions.

    hence he used “possibly” (a safe answer, lest he wants to be ostracized by the likes of Mark, lol).

    So yeah, let Mark settle with his seeming penchant for not giving in to “possibilities”…. and most of all, let him enjoy watching all those muscles :-P

  9. Razaq says:

    Yes they do because they know a little too much about bodybuilding, probably due to the amount of free time that they have. That plus the power of human growth hormones and some may or may not use testosterone. With their powers combined….they are… captain premature ejaculation!!!!!

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