Cinescape Website Redesigned

Post by Mark

Cinescape have finally given their website a much needed facelift and just in time before Eid. The new website makes looking for, and booking a movie a much faster experience with a lot less clicking and page reloads.

When you first enter the website you have all the movies currently showing listed, if you’re looking for movies playing in a specific Cinescape location, you just click on the location on the left sidebar and it will filter out all the movies not playing in that location without having to reload the page. Booking is also a much quicker process now with the quick book option and overall you can do a lot more now without having to leave the main page. The website also looks pretty great on mobile browsers.

The only thing that seems to be missing in the new redesign is the banned movies section. Cinescape used to have a page where they would list all the movies that were banned by the MOI and it seems they’ve now removed that in this new version of the website.

If you want to check out their new website, click [Here]

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  1. The Other Ahmed says:

    Aw man, that Banned Movies section was both interesting and hilarious to read, now how will people know which movies are banned?

  2. Informant says:

    Going to the movies in Kuwait has been the worst in my opinion. The censorship, the family/bachelor booking system, and the crowds. I’m anti piracy, so I have to resort to flying to Dubai on the weekends to watch the latest box office smash. It’s annoying and completely not cost effective. Sorry for venting, but I felt like I had to let it all out.

  3. vampire says:

    Although i quit going to movie theatres

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