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K’S PATH is Closing Down

My favorite local animal rescue organization K’S PATH is sadly closing down. I wasn’t told why, just that the staff were informed yesterday, and that today they would make an official announcement. Once they do I’ll update the post with more details.

Losing K’S PATH is going to be a great loss for animal lovers in Kuwait. They’ve rescued everything from chickens to eagles and I’ve always recommended them to anyone looking to get a dog or cat. This is really sad news.

Update: K’S PATH just announced their closure officially, below is a snippet from their press release:

K’S PATH announced this morning the decision to close K’S PATH by the end of six months that is December 2017. All animals at the K’S PATH shelter will be adopted out in Kuwait or will be rehomed in international shelters. No animals will be put down. Citing reasons for closing K’S PATH, Sheikha Fatima M. Al Sabah explains that the K’S PATH team has worked very hard for the past 12 years to protect Kuwait’s animals and the environment and thankfully, much has been achieved through the years. Therefore the decision to close the Society is not based on financial or administrative reasons or as a result of any problem; but this decision was made based on the knowledge that Kuwait’s animals and environment will be cared for by compassionate people in the community. She further adds that the new animal protection and environmental laws passed by Kuwait’s Parliament reflect the progressive approach of the Government authorities to foster future generations that appreciate Kuwait’s natural heritage.

You can read the full statement [Here]

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Why Kuwait….. First baytlothan and now this?…… Why does everything I like close In Kuwait like Hardrock Virgin gamewhiz baytlothan and lots more

That is really sad, I once took my wife over and they locked us in a room with more than 15-20 cats, although it was after 2pm which was usually their closing time
Do you know if they will be giving away any animals? Just a question

i remember a while back there was a big spat between two of those animal lover organizations, accusing each other of cruelty to animals. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

I think it’s got more to do with financial reasons, they have been under considerable pressure the last year.

They also seemed to kinda loose their tenacity with protecting any wildlife and habitat besides stray cats

Just saw their statement, and honestly, I really LOLed. They are not kidding anybody with that reason. The community as a whole still lacks any knowledge on animal/environmental care, and nobody cares (or even knows) about any governmental laws. People just figured out that our horrid marine pollution is from the government and the parliaments inability to think about the environment.

Maybe their reasons were not financial like I assumed above, but if they are serious with that reason, then they were just delusional.

And btw I love kspath and I dont want them to close down, because of the total disregard in this country to animals and their habitats

Totally agree. They are needed now more than ever. I am sure it was a huge fight everyday for them against cruelty, ignorant people and the government. They did well to stay open as long as they did and did incredible work. Maybe they just got sick of fighting. 🙁

It’s a sad sad day for Kuwait and Kuwait strays. While the pet shops explodes, animals shelters is closing down. If only it the government would allow shelters to be allocate in city centers and not discharged to the desert, we would have a better and more functional shelters.
God bless all the volunteers who took the hour drive every day to care for the animals.
If only the government would recognize their effort. While they sit on the fence and throw poison when ever their is over popolulation of strays. Shame shame

KsPath I hope you get a chance to open a new and better shelter one day. You will be missed.

what a piss poor explanation for closing ! … trusting these communities knowledge , are you kidding me ! people cant even do up their own show laces here unless a maid does it for them !!

found out today there are instagram pages with a rather large following devoted to helping dogs and other pets, such as an account called help_the_animal which ive found out about today, after getting them to put up a post for my 11 year old dog which had gone missing. just though id put that out since it connects to their reference on the community getting better. awareness of stuff like that i believe could definitely make a difference, especially with the large frequency of animals found in public

Kspath euthanize animals i would never recommend them to anyone..good news that they are closing.. ihate it when they select which animals worth living and which to euthanize.. depending on the breed.. i dunno!

Kspath like many shelters around the world including the States euthanize animals after a certain period of time. They can’t hoard animals indefinitely.

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