Kuwait Airport Ranked Worst in the World

Flight compensation legal services company AirHelp ranked 76 airports by punctuality, quality, service, as well as the social media sentiment of over 130,000 tweets over three months this year. According to the final result, the Kuwait Airport ranked the worst in the world.

I mean I agree that the airport is not the best in the world but the worst seems pretty harsh. Somehow Dubai also came 7th which doesn’t make sense and Los Angeles which I think have a great airport came in 10th. Check out the full article [Here]

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The article and ranking is 100% correct. I’ve been to many dodgy airports and even the airport in Sri Lanka is better than the one here

Well the Lebanese airport is worse that’s for sure, I was so glad a few weeks ago to come back to the kuwait airport because of how bad the Lebanese airport is. They’ve installed this new system on their computers and immigration now takes forever and nobody understands what standing in a single file is, every line is made up of three! Then the restaurants, complete garbage and the bathrooms super gross.

Singapore airport really is special. From your plane seat to the metro heading towards downtown, with all your luggage, after processing your online visa all in 20/25 minutes is just crazy.

They ranked 76 airports and Kuwait airport came last. Unless there are only 76 airports in the world, last out of 76 does not mean the worst in the world.

Is this sponsored or satirical? Either ways, not a trusted ranking for sure. Seems to have a lot of bias without actual facts being considered – esp on the Worst airports.

Even on the Best 10, I am surprised that Amsterdam, Tokyo and Seoul are missing. These are the usual suspects!

From what I know, SkyTrax does an authentic ranking annually and that’s much more believable than the one above.

I don’t trust any list with the grey concrete prison of Frankfurt Airport as the “best” anything

That said this is run by a flight compensation service and Kuwait airport is terrible for that. I’ve had luggage go missing for a full week, luggage arrived damaged, totally unhelpful, nobody picks up the phone or tells you what happened.

By the end I walked into the “warehouse” myself (it’s like an open room under a staircase), found my bag, and took it – no security check.

I got a call a week later saying they lost my bag (it was sitting in my house)

Thanks Kuwait Airport

Utter bullshit, it uses analysis conducted on twitter to compile the list.
What an absolute mockery!!!

To make my Kuwait Airport experience pleasant I follow the beeline policy. I shoot straight from my ride to the check-in stand, then straight to the business lounge, wait for the last call, shoot straight to the gate. No unnecessary interactions.

I know Kuwait Airport isn’t the best in the world or even close but it is definitely not the worst. There are far worse airports than Kuwait for sure and most of them are in the Middle East.

I have been traveling to London Gatwick almost every month for the last 9 months I can confidently say that it is extremely efficient whether it is immigration, baggage handling, courtesy and friendliness of staff and other amenities. Even if it crowded at passport control, they manage to process passengers super quick!I find it hard to see them in the top 10 of the worst airports.

I was looking at the airline rankings and it is a mystery that they have managed to list British Airways in 7th position ahead of Emirates which is far better! This report seems extremely biased!

How is Mumbai ranked 6th? It’s one of the finest and most beautifully designed airports I have seen. Even in terms of service, it’s above average.

I absolutely agree. Mumbai airport is one of the most beautiful and efficient airports I have ever been to! This list makes no sense!

why inaccurate? just because i don’t believe it doesn’t mean its inaccurate. if they have data to support their rankings great, on the other hand i don’t have any data to support that its inaccurate.

Well if you’re going to judge anything Kuwaiti by social media sentiments, you’re not going to get the best result

thats BS i have been to many airport i do admit kuwait airport is very very bad, but to be honest there are alot of airport that is waaaaay worse. come on there are airports with low security and check ups. there are airports they are so small that the passport and luggage pick up are together. thats not an accurate ranking to be honest and Frankfurt is known as the biggest and have all kind of services.

This is rubbish. Delhi has a very good airport . It links the metro to the city, and here it is ranked at 9th worst. Talking about Kuwait . Don’t think it’s so bad as it’s ranked here.atleat u don’t have to walk much as comparatively with other big airports . U can leave the airport in 15 mins if luggage and immigration is done soon.

I am a frequent traveler with an average of 10 flights per month to many parts of the world. Kuwait airport is by far, yes by far one of the worst I have been if not the worst. That’s including Jeddah airport which is also very bad but at least they have a new one opening by next year. What makes Kuwait the worst is the lack of services, queues, very rude and lazy stuff especially at immigration among others. The capacity of Kuwait airport is around 7m per annum whilst its operating at over 11m which tells you how bad the situation is.

Mark, Beirut airport may not be in top 10 best airports, however it is a very efficient airport and much better than Kuwait for sure. Immigration speed could improve especially at peak hours wilth multiple flights or introduction of e-gates but in their defense immigration for foreigners (and non residents) at almost ALL Middle East airports is a night mare. Riyadh, Cairo, Dubai, Kuwait, Amman, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi etc. etc.

As for Dubai airport, answering to whoever asked why it’s on the bottom list, try flying into terminal 1 after 6pm. If you manage to make the 15minutes plus walk in one piece to immigration, make sure to bring a book or some pop corn while watching a movie on your phone killing time waiting for your passport to be stamped which can easily take over an hour just for the immigration if not more.

U had me until Beirut airport is very efficient. The Beirut airport is so inefficient it made me glad I was back in the Kuwait airport, that’s how bad Beirut airport is.

I love how u posted this but didn’t give a shit about Kuwait coming 38th (out of 138 countries) in terms of economic competitiveness.

I’m sorry – but kuwait airport is not the worst airport in the world! Have you checked out Goa! Obviously not! That is by far the worst and most disgusting airport I have ever been to. Dubai!?!?! 7th in the ranking??? C’mon! This post is not accurate at all

Goa airport is a civil enclave in a military airbase…it is not full fleece commercially built airport complex…

OK everyone is entitled to their own opinion, based on their own experiences, but like I said I am based in Beirut so I use that airport for arrival/departure on average 10 times every month. Like I said, nothing to brag or to write home about but yes it is efficient and still much better than Kuwait airport. Kuwait airport (yes the same one used now) used to be the gem of the Middle East in the 1980s which I used to love traveling through when I was a kid. It seems like everything else in Kuwait, things seem to go backwards instead of improve. Hope the new airport in Kuwait opens on time, and Kuwait aviation regains its formal glory.

For the readers who think that this rating is inaccurate or unfair, please check SKYTRAX ratings (the best source for airlines and airport ratings). It has given Kuwait 3 out of 10 (Mark Beirut scired 5 out of 10). You can read the passenger experiences about Kuwait to understand why.

Strange that cairo is not listed in the worst airports. I had been to cairo 7 years back and the airport was so outdated they didn’t even have a modern Announcement system and resorted to using loudspeakers !! Even though Kuwait’s airport staff attitude is not friendly and sometimes resentful to expats, it definitely is not at No.1 worst when it comes to all parameters to measure.
As such Kuwait in terms of Expat treatment with racist policies, limiting driving licenses for most and so much more is one of the worst places to live in for foreigners. I am not there anymore 🙂

This article is biased. They are only taking tweets into account. Kuwait doesn’t tweet much. If a survey is conducted. It should be a well fledged Q & A survey. I agree Kuwait is not the best, but ranking it one of the worst?! Then I question the authencity of the article. FAIL!

Kuwait doesn’t tweet much? Fuck why does everyone on the internet insist on talking out of their asses?

“Singer poked around and discovered that when you look at this same data on a per capita basis, Kuwait actually has the most active Twitter population, not the U.S., with one in three people in Kuwait having a Twitter account.”

“Top 10 Twitter countries, per capita use – Kuwait, Netherlands, Brunei, UK, USA, Chile, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Puerto Rico”

“Kuwait’s dominance jibes with other data indicating it has the highest Twitter penetration rate in the Middle East, though when measured by proportion of Internet users, Saudis are by far the world’s most active tweeters.”

Tell me something I don’t already know. Hopefully, the new airport will turn the tables on the league tables of airport rankings so that Kuwait airport goes on to becoming the most improved airport in the world If not, the best airport in the world.

Kuwait Airport surprises me everytime I visit it.
Latest is in the last week when I visited it to drop my family and got to know, after crossing half Km long Cars queue, that the Departure Parking is closed, despite around 80% vacant parking spaces inside !!
It was quite frustrating as my family with toddler/kids had much luggage and I was supposed to accompany them until the permissible point, and wait outside until the formalities are done.

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