Inov-8 Now in Kuwait

Post by Mark


For the crossfitters who read my blog, a friend of mine just started importing the Inov-8 brand of training shoes to Kuwait. They have four different models available including the FASTLIFT™ 335 pictured above. Right now they’re selling them over the phone by calling or whatsapping 66786789 for orders but they’ll soon be available at various crossfit boxes around Kuwait.

I personally ended up getting a pair of Nike Metcon 1’s instead and I’m loving them as well although they’re not tried and proven like the Inov-8’s.

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  1. DomBroScience says:

    D-Y-E-L? But you will be frowned upon if you try to compete at a Reebok Crossfit Event if you’re not wearing official gear bruh!

  2. Floyd says:

    Will they open a store here in kuwait?

  3. Husain says:

    Do you know if Metcon 1 is good for flat footed people?

  4. Sara says:

    Where can you buy Metcon 1 in Kuwait?

  5. Ali says:

    Do they still sell these now?

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