Learn Fencing at the Qadsia Fencing Academy

Post by Mark

Yesterday I was contacted by the Qadsia Fencing Academy letting me know they are now offering fencing lessons to adults. Previously when I had contacted them, the program was only available for children and teenagers so I’m pretty excited the program is now open to adults as well. So excited in fact that I’m heading there tomorrow to start.

Their prices are extremely reasonable, it’s KD40 a month (for 12 sessions) and KD8 for half and hour of personal training. So if you’re interested in trying out something new and different, check out their website for more information [Link]

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  1. Ozzy says:

    Do i get to play Salil Sawarim in the background during the session ? No ? Bugger !

  2. Una Barras-Hargan says:

    Male only!

    • Amal says:

      Well the guy who answered my call said they will introduce classes for females after a month or so. According to him they were supposed to give classes for females but then he was asked not to for whatever reason.

  3. Tom says:

    Dear All,
    Can you please provide the contact numbers of Qadsia Fencing Academy ?

  4. anonymous says:

    what are their opening hours?

  5. nma says:

    do they have a number we can call them on? i can’t find anything online about them

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