Places that Broadcast Formula 1 Races Live in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Does anyone know if there is any place in Kuwait that broadcasts the F1 races live? I don’t think the F1 community in Kuwait is that big but just maybe there’s a place that broadcast the races just because they’re on. Just a few days ago a friend was also asking me for places that played NFL games. Makes me think we really need a sports cafe in Kuwait that isn’t a shisha place.

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  1. Sh says:


    Been hunting for a place that shows Live MotoGp and F1 races.

    • Mark says:

      when I was living in Lebanon during the Schumacher era, F1 Sundays were like religious holidays, the streets would be empty because everyone was gathered somewhere drinking beer and watching the races. Lebanese LOVED Schumacher (and anything German in general)

  2. Anwar Kh. says:

    Regarding NFL.

    if you’re lucky you will get east cost games due to the time,

    otherwise most games starts at 3 or 4am.

    NFL Game pass is $199.99 including the Superbowl!


  3. manabry44 says:

    since i am big fan of F1 long time ago…
    F1 is broadcasted on Bein Sports channels so 2 of the places that they have this subscription
    1) Buffalo’s jabriyah
    2) Johnny carino’s jabriyah

    these 2 places i am sure they do, i advice buffalo’s more
    but i know there are more places
    however i just have the subscription and i watch @ home
    another thing is u can watch online if u have their online subscription (connect:
    daily is 8 $, monthly 18$, yearly i think 180 $

  4. Amal says:

    Elevation Burger in Fahaheel used to air the NFL games don’t know if they still do that but u can check. They might even agree to formula 1

  5. Najjar says:

    Once we have our internet issues fixed (couple of weeks?) You’re welcome to watch it at our office!

    65″ display, free water + coffee

    You need to be a Ferrari of Alonso fan though. Mercedes newbies not allowed.

  6. Ipsom says:

    Been following since 2007, huge Alonso fan

    I use bein online

  7. Sten says:

    Slim Chickens shows as long as its during opening hours between 11am and 1am. :) 🏎🏎🏎🏎

  8. Anonymous says:

    The IMAX screens at Cinescape and the Grand Cinema can be put to good use for Formula1 screenings.

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