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Back in 2015 I decided to ditch OSN and live TV and instead use Netflix, Hulu and HBO for all my TV needs. I’ve had no regrets with that decision and I haven’t missed live TV at all since. But, the only thing I wish I did have was access to UFC events. Recently I found out UFC is back with OSN so I decided to check the OSN website and see how much the monthly membership was. To my surprise they had their sports pack for KD6 a month and that included all the UFC events. KD6 is basically how much I’m paying right now for both Netflix and Hulu combined but since I’m a huge UFC fan, I decided it was worth plunking down KD6 just to watch the one or two UFC event every month.

So a few moments ago I tried to sign up for the package and I got reminded to why I ditched OSN in the first place.

Turns out even though they’re selling the sports package that includes UFC events for KD6 a month, you CAN’T sign up to it, not unless you sign up to their starter package which costs another KD6 and includes channels I don’t care for and don’t want. So I’ll have to pay KD12 a month just to watch UFC fights. Why can’t services like OSN just sell you what you want to watch? It’s the same issue people have with cable providers in the US, where they try to sell you 100 channels when you just want 2.

BeIN on the other hand are pretty cool. The only other sport I watch is Formula 1 and BeIN sell day passes for $8. So anytime there is a F1 race I just pay $8 and get to watch it online. I don’t need to sign up to any of their packages, I just watch what I want whenever I want to. Even their monthly pass to all their channels is just $18 which is still pretty reasonable. So OSN if you’re reading this, you guys need to become much more flexible. Netflix is already in the region and more and more people are gonna start dropping cable in favor of digital. At least have separate satellite and digital subscriptions and let people subscribe to whatever they want. I want to give you my money, just not all of it..

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  1. Umair Shaikh says:

    Same thing happened with me. I received an email from OSN last week about these packages and i got excited. Immediately went to the website, took out my credit card, took out login details and as soon i tried to subscribe, BANG!!!!!…. U need a starter pack as well … WTFFFF!!!!!….. wat a way to fool every1.

  2. lolguy says:

    I want to give you my money, just not all of it…


  3. aaa says:

    I still have OSN for currently airing shows, which they’re actually pretty good about (HBO stuff is simultaneous with the US at this point). They also have box sets for older HBO stuff which is pretty cool although I watched it all by now.

    Netflix is great for their own shows but once you watch the selection of other shows it’s not like they add to that often.

  4. Salah says:

    Maybe we need to start using the term “Cord Cutters” to freak them out like the US did to their cable companies.

    • Mark says:

      i’m sure they’re already freaked out without us needing to use the term cord cutters. That’s why when I saw the KD6 price i was like finally they realized they’ve got strong competition and they’ve decided to drop down their prices. I was wrong.

  5. Advice Me says:

    hi everyone
    i just bought my apple tv (i know im old school)and i was setting up a netflix account relised i am using a UAE app store does it make any difference in show/film availability if it was from UK OR UAE app store accounts??

  6. AJ says:

    Which team do you support in F1?

    • Mark says:

      Nobody specific, I mean last year I was rooting for Hamilton but since Hakkinan and Montoya both left the sport I haven’t really been a super fan of anybody specific. Hamilton, Kimi, Alonso, Vettel, Verstappen.. they’re all great so depending on the situation I’d root for any of them.

      • manabry44 says:

        montoya was my fav…. he is a killer

        • Mark says:

          I was a huge Mika fan and a Montoya fan when he was in Indy. But when Montoya came over to F1 I became a Montoya fan as well, has so much high hopes because of his aggressive driving style, and he did fuck with Schumacher and piss him off a bunch of times but just never really ended up making it. I was never a Schumacher fan, always routed against him.

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