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Young Beast from Kuwait

If you’re into MMA then check this out. Kuwaiti fighter Mohammad Alaqraa just got called a beast by UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. I hadn’t heard of Mohammad up until now, his MMA record is currently made up of just 1 win with 0 losses and he seems to be training out of the popular gym AKA. Based on a video Khabib posted it looks like Mohammad was sparring with Khabib’s cousin and must have impressed Khabib. If you end up missing Khabib’s story, here is a screenshot and you can follow Mohammad on Instagram @mo_alaq

Thanks Azzam

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Well this will catapult his career, hope he has the talent and the team to keep the momentum going.

Hes a good guy. Theres another Kuwaiti Abdullah Saleem, who is a beast too. Trained in the US, has top notch grappling & 1-0 as well

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