Fight Captured on Dashcam

Friday night I was in my car leaving my street when a white pickup truck stopped in front of me and started talking to some Egyptian workers on the street. The guy in the pickup then suddenly slammed the door open on one of the workers, went down, and started shoving him and yelling at him.

Not an unusual scene but things do get a bit odd. The guy in the white shirt then goes back into his car and grabs a lanyard with an ID on it and then comes back out and grabs the Egyptian guy and starts flashing the lanyard in his face and yelling at him to give him his Civil ID card. I was out of my car at this point and I tried to get a clear look at the ID card and couldn’t, but I assume he was some sort of cop. The guy in the white shirt then pushed the worker to the floor and started punching him.

We managed to separate the two and I held on to the guy in the white shirt to calm him down since he didn’t seem to be in the right state of mind. The guy in the white shirt then went back to his car and got handcuffs and was shoving and threatening the worker that he was gonna handcuff him. He then put his handcuffs away and went opened the backdoor to take out his police baton so he could beat the guy with it. The whole time I’m trying to hold the guy back and calm him down. He eventually did, enough to get back in his car and speed off.

My dashcam captured the incident including the license plate of the white pickup. The video above is two very short clips I stitched together but the actual full video is in 4K and around 3-minutes long. I cropped the video just for this post so I could hide the license plate number but I’m wondering if I should send the full video to one of the MOI Instagram accounts because obviously this situation was messed up especially if the guy was cop or pretending to be one. Actually, now that I’ve written out my thoughts I’m thinking I should probably drop the whole thing and not risk getting deported or something. So not worth it.

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Why would you get deported? Just send it to MOI. They’ll do the rest. Thanks for intervening you may have saved the man’s life, not a lot would do the same.

You should definitely send it because that guy might go and do the same if not worse to someone else. He should be held accountable. Maybe you can somehow send it anonymously or have a Kuwaiti friend send it instead if you’re worried.

I agree with RK ask your lawyers before making use of such video whether showing it on your blog or sending to MOI though the guy on the video should be accountable of his actions

Not worth the risk cause if he got friends in places he’ll try to make your life hard.

Also we love doing the right thing but it gets tricky, if you really want to then delete this post and have a lawyer submit it to the MOI account or have a local friend do it.

Very tricky situation.. If he is an actual cop albeit off duty and was doing a security check on two suspicious individuals, then chances are white T-shirt guy can argue that the workers were being disrespectful and abusive, and threatening hence warranting the need to use force.
Having a pair of handcuffs and a police baton on his person in a private vehicle highly suggest either he is actually an off-duty cop or he is a fake, playing a cop and is well connected to individuals who are either security officials or street cops.

If it’s the latter then you turning in the video would be a good thing and in the interests of public safety.

Though again this is also dicey because there are laws in this country that say you shouldn’t take videos of private citizens and residents and put them on a public forum. If a crime is being committed then the person taking the video should turn it to the authorities directly without exposing it to the public because in a court of law it would be considered tainted as public opinion of the video would give it a biased verdict by a jury. I suggest you consult with a legal professional to cover all your bases before you decide to turn in the complete video to the MOI.

Was hoping for some audio the dude seamed he wanted to go in the car and leave at the start ? Kinda wondering what was it about, but either way I think it’s best if you take down the video till you decide what to do with it, you could send it to moi but probably someone would harass you over it, whatever you decide it’s up to you. All being said you did pretty good job though kinda proud someone stepped in, hope you are fine and everyone is okay

this might sound stupid but can you temporarily take off this vid for a while? this guy could prolly sue you for posting this publicly (if he has got connections). check with your lawyer, and once its clear that he’s in the wrong legally, you can forward the video to MOI first and then put this video back up.

He most likely was a cop. Unfortunately over the last 10+ years the standards of being a police officer in this country have dropped dramatically. Having had several interactions with traffic police you can tell that there is a low standard of education and character of people who join the police force. Now put a dumb person in a uniform and give them a gun and authority its a frightening and disgusting combination.

My best advice for any citizen is just try to avoid the police as much as you can, don’t expect them to resolve any of your legitimate issues. But if you have tinted windows, a little sticker on your car or drive a car they’re not familiar with you can count on them to go all out and punish you while people with no seat belts on, tailgating with their kids sitting on the dashboard drive by.

Hes a wannabee bum. Hes no real cop just faking it cause hes a bully. Let him try that on me & he will see where i put that baton.

every single day numerous human rights violations occur here – these people, the workers, build up the country… and make no mistake these are traumas they will carry for life because they dont have the same avenues to release that tension that so many of us do have…

Mark please do give this to the MOI… this will never end in this country. People will continue to turn a blind eye and keep talking about how amazing Kuwait is, so nothing will ever have to change.

Most of the people I know have been at the receiving end of abuse from police/bosses/random citizens … with no recourse to law, no matter how much people tell you you just have to complain

Abuse of authority unfortunately is not confined to Kuwait’s borders only. It is universal. Be it a grade one western hemisphere country or a third world developing country. It’s everywhere.
You can fight it but collateral damage while going at it is too much for some to bear. So the best thing to do for those not wanting to experience pain and suffering for causes that don’t concern or involve them is to walk away.

Mark did the right thing by intervening. But it could have just as easily backfired on him. If the guy was really a cop, he could have turned on him for interfering with him while he was doing his duty. Regardless of what the visuals may have looked like.

Also, let’s be honest here no Asian ex-pat would have ever interfered.

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