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KTV2 Guide from August 1989

I recently found a copy of Kuwait TV guide from August 1989 and figured I’d scan the KTV2 section and share it on the blog. For those of you who grew up in Kuwait during the 80s you’ll probably remember we had only two channels, KTV1 in Arabic and KTV2 in English. On good days we could also pick up the English Saudi channel and on rare occasions the Bahraini one. KTV2 used to only start at 6PM and then close down by midnight. Much simpler times.

1989 was a good year for TV, going through the guide I came across a lot of my old time favorites including:

Bionic Six
Charles in Charge (My childhood crush > Nicole Eggert)
Danger Bay
Simon & Simon
TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes
Silver Hawks
Miami Vice

If you want to flip through the TV guide, I’ve scanned it and uploaded the pdf [Here]

15 replies on “KTV2 Guide from August 1989”

The government should make you a curator or an archivist of Kuwait memorabilia.

Or support you in writing an ethnography on it.

You really have a knack for it.

i don’t remember seen A-team or Chips on KTV2 :/

I do remember Quantum leap, perfect strangers, Bill Cosby, Family Matter, Full house, Alf, different strokes, Duck Tales, Out of This World, married with children & star trek next generation

The A-team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Streethawk, Automan, The Highwayman, Hardcastle & McCormick, Simon & Simon, Hunter, Sledgehammer – KTV 2 had it all back in the 80s!

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