‘The Exchange’ Premieres Today on Netflix

The Kuwait-based Netflix series ‘The Exchange‘ launches today, and after watching two episodes the other night at the show’s premiere, I can’t wait to binge-watch the rest of the season.

‘The Exchange’ is based in Kuwait in the 80s and is inspired by true events. It follows two women who decide to work at the stock exchange, an industry dominated by men at that time. I found the first two episodes very entertaining, and I already have favorite characters and storylines that I’m invested in. It’s that good of a show, and for people like me who grew up in Kuwait in the 80s, it’s super nostalgic.

The series premiers today at 11AM on Netflix and will be available to watch in 190 countries. The show is in Arabic but has English subtitles.

Update: The show is now streaming on Netflix, the whole first season so we can binge-watch it.

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Here’s a concept; if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you’re a strong follower of your beliefs guess what you won’t turn gay/athiest/trans/feminist neither will your children.

accepting others… what a concept!!

Even I watched 2 episodes, super entertaining. Rawan Mahdi and Mona Hussain were so good in it. and for those who want to learn and understand Kuwaiti Arabic Dialect. I think this might help

Yeah, its not entertaining and just too unrealistic for how Kuwait. Its nothing like how people used to be in the 80’s and this is just another way of adding Kuwait to the woke stuff.

Would not recommend to anyone.

How was this show woke?? HOW?!?! Because it shows how women were treated in the workplace?? Because this show features women at all??? My god, people like you are so unbelievably insufferable! 🙄

I thought the show was interesting from the first 2 eps, but it kinda dips after ep 3, but it all ends rather simply. There’s not much intrigue going on, so the overall plot doesn’t make one too invested. The acting was great from everyone involved, and I liked the added nostalgia, but they could’ve done more. Biggest missed opportunity was that they didn’t get to film in Al Muthana, but somehow they filmed in Nugra Mall? The place already went through renovations and it shows.

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