Laser Tag in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Yesterday someone asked me if there was a laser tag place in Kuwait and figured other people might be interested to know that there is. The place is called Desert Sniper and they’re located right next to The Avenues. You need to be at least 4 people to play laser tag but a friend who tried it out told me having 10 people is a lot more fun.

If you don’t know what laser tag is, it’s kinda like paint ball except using lasers. When you get hit you light up and a vest vibrates letting you know you’ve been hit. It’s a lot less painful than getting hit by a paintball. The cost per round is KD6 and each round is 10 minutes long. The second round is also KD6 but after the second round the price goes down to KD3 per round. You also need to call them and book your session in advance.

So if you’re interested in laser tagging, you can check out the Desert Sniper [Website] for more details or call them up on 97828080

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  1. ahmad says:

    not sure about the pricing… a tad high for a 10 min thingy considering that you’ll have 10 players in the same round

    • Mark says:

      yeah i thought it was per hour but its per 10 minute rounds. i haven’t played laser tag since i think its boring so my guess is that after 10 minutes of running around playing with toy guns you’re gonna want to do something else anyway

  2. JamesJ says:

    you tripping? 10 minutes for 20$, its lousy 5-7$

    yo yo, before u guys jump, its for kids and geeks adult.

    mama no raise a fool, if ya know what I mean

  3. anonymous says:

    On another note, if you’re interested in realistic/tactical play you can always play Arma 3 or Squad on steam. Costs WAY less to buy the games and you dont have to worry about not having people to play with.

  4. Anon says:

    The price for per round/10 mins is kd 6 irrelevant of number of players, or is it kd 6/- per player?

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